Robert Xiao

  • Senior editor at Dr.Buho.
  • Over 5 years of blog writing experience related to iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Apple news collector.

Education & Experience

Education and Working Experience:

Robert majored in Computer Science and Technology at University and obtained a Master's degree.

During his college years, he participated in many computer competitions and won many awards.

After graduation, he came to Dr.Buho and started his career as an iOS developer and writer. As he knows iOS so well, iPhone users can easily get his methods and fix their issues.

Expertise Field:

Robert specializes in iOS development and writing useful tutorials and troubleshooting how-to blogs about iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Both experiences in university and work make him an expert at fixing iOS-related issues.


In his daily life, Robert enjoys playing games, workout, traveling around the world, and learning about the cultural differences of different countries. Gaming has provided him with a lot of inspiration for his development and has made him a very imaginative person.

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