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BuhoRepair is simple and effective iOS system recovery software that helps fix common iPhone system issues in minutes.

Latest Version: 1.0.8, March 28, 2024

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Fix Common iPhone Software Issues.

Revive your Apple devices from common iOS system disasters. You can get a frozen/bricked iPhone back to normal in just a few minutes.

iOS System Failures

Fix common iOS system issues like iPhone bricked, iPhone freezing, iPhone is disabled, etc.

iPhone Won't Turn Off/On

Fix iPhone or iPad in a frozen screen, or becomes stuck when you turn it on or off.

Slow iPhone

Fix slow or sluggish iPhone / iPad by troubleshooting unexpected iOS system errors.

Battery Draining Fast

Fix iPhone battery draining fast issue due to some buggy iOS software releases.

Low Power Mode

Stuck On Apple Logo

Fix endless iPhone boot loop, iPhone stuck on Apple logo and similar iOS software issue.

One-Stop iOS System Recovery Tool.

Offers a full set of iOS recovery tools, including System Repair, iOS Upgrade/Downgrade, Device Reset, and Enter/Exit Recovery Mode.

System Repair

Standard Repair

Fix 50+ basic iOS software issues like iPhone black screen, stuck on the Apple logo, stuck in recovery mode, etc.

Advanced Repair

Fix complicated iOS system issues with advanced iOS recovery solution. But your data will be lost.

System Repair

BuhoRepair brings a simple and secure iOS repair solution. No matter it's your iPhone gets stuck on Apple Logo, or shows disabled screen, or other common iPhone, iPad software glitches, you can use the System Repair feature to get a quick fix.

iOS Upgrade & Downgrade

Don’t rush to the new iOS as it often comes with bugs. If you've upgraded your device, but get reduced to the victim of iOS software issues, BuhoRepair could be your lifesaver by downgrading or upgrading iOS version at will.

Reset Device

BuhoRepair offers hassle-free experience for users who wish to restore their devices to the original state. With just a few clicks, it can ensure that all personal data, settings, and apps are securely erased, leaving your device fresh and ready for a new beginning.

Enter Recovery Mode

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode at one go, whether you're familiar with these button combinations or not.

Exit Recovery Mode

By quitting an iPhone from Recovery Mode, BuhoRepair helps a lot when your iPhone gets frozen or stuck.

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