Wendy Wu

  1. Columnist at Dr.Buho.
  2. Enthusiasm for writing guides related to Mac and iPhone and teaching Apple users to make the most of their product.
  3. Focus on helping Mac and iPhone users resolve iOS and macOS issues.
  4. Interested in collecting and sharing the latest and most helpful Apple News.

Education & Experience

Education and Working Experience:

Wendy majored in English Literature during college and obtained a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. She is very skilled in writing tutorial-related articles. After graduation, she joined Dr.Buho in Chengdu, starting her career as a blog writer.

So far, she has written over 300+ blogs, helping and winning the likes of a number of Mac and iPhone users.

Expertise Field:

Wendy excels in writing tutorials related to Apple products and integrating some of Apple's latest news articles. In both her life and work, she primarily deals with Macs and iPhones.

She works together with iOS developers who have over 10+ years of experience in Apple products and who are happy to share related discoveries regularly. Therefore, she is very proficient in writing tutorials and hot-topic articles related to Mac and iPhone products.


In her daily life, Wendy pays great attention to social media and real-time updates from Apple. She is adept at discovering practical and popular software and sharing them with others. She is a super enthusiastic person with wealthy interests like jogging, photography, listening to music, etc.

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