App Uninstallation

The App Uninstall feature in BuhoCleaner is a magic tool that helps find your bloated, legacy, or rarely used apps, along with all orphaned leftovers. Follow steps below to learn how to use App Uninstall.

How To Uninstall Apps with App Uninstall

  1. Go to App Uninstall screen > Select one or more apps that you want to delete from your Mac.
  2. You can use the sorting method to find your unwanted apps.
  3. By Name - Sort your apps in alphabet.
  4. By Kind - Easily find all Universal / Intel apps.
  5. Last Opened - Locate these apps that you never or rarely use.
  6. By Size - Sort large or bloated apps by size.
  7. Use Search bar to find unwanted apps quickly.
  8. One advantage you should use BuhoCleaner to remove apps on your Mac is for its fully operational design, which gives you an obvious view on every details contained inside an app. You can select an unwanted app > Click the drop down icon > Select/Deselect every specific app data item > Or even browse each item in Finder by clicking the magnifying lens icon.
  9. After selecting the unwanted app, click Remove to start uninstalling.
  10. The App uninstallation on Mac is an irreversible action. So BuhoCleaner will ask if you’re sure to delete selected app. Click Continue to confirm.
  11. After a second, BuhoCleaner will complete uninstalling your app. Click Done to go back to App Uninstall start screen.

How To Clear App Leftovers

When you uninstall an app on your Mac by dragging it from Applications folder to Trash, you only removed the applicational program but all its generated leftover junk would be left behind. BuhoCleaner helps find all these app leftover files and allow you clean them up with a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to App Uninstall > Leftovers > Select the app leftover items and click Remove to wipe them out.