App Uninstallation

The App Uninstall feature in BuhoCleaner is a magic tool that helps find your bloated, legacy, or rarely used apps, along with all orphaned leftovers.

Beyond that, the new BuhoCleaner brings about a couple of customized solutions for uninstalling most commonly used apps, including Adobe/Office suite apps, Parallel, Spotify, OneDrive, Zoom, etc. The new app filter and grouping feature adds the ability to help you find your unwanted apps more easily.

Follow steps below to experience what you can do with our new App Uninstall utility.

How To Uninstall Apps with App Uninstall

  1. Go to App Uninstall screen > Select one or more apps that you want to delete from your Mac.
    How To Use App Uninstall Step 1
  2. You can use the sorting method to find your unwanted apps.
    Sort App
  • By Size - Sort large or bloated apps by size.
  • By Name - Sort your apps in alphabet.
  • Last Opened - Locate these apps that you never or rarely use.

Two sorting rules:

  • Ascending - Increasing in size, date or alphabet order.
  • Descending - Decreasing in size, date or alphabet order.

After selecting the apps that you want to remove, they'll be shown in the Selected group.

Selected Apps
  1. After double checking your selected apps (optional), you can click Remove to continue.

    Start To Remove Apps
  2. Next, you'll see a prompt showing the final confirmation on your selected apps.

    Confirm To Remove Apps
    Here you can click the Drop down icon to show all application details and click the magnifying lens to open the specific file in Finder.
    Confirm To Remove Apps
  3. After a quick confirmation, click Remove to start uninstalling.

    Start To Remove Apps

Please note that because the app uninstallation on Mac is an irreversible action, you’re sure to delete your selected apps.

  1. After a second, BuhoCleaner will complete uninstalling your app. Click Done to go back to App Uninstall start screen.

How To Clear App Leftovers

When you uninstall an app on your Mac by dragging it from Applications folder to Trash, you only removed the applicational program but all its generated leftover junk would be left behind. BuhoCleaner helps find all these app leftover files and allow you clean them up with a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to App Uninstall > Leftovers > Select the app leftover items and click Remove to wipe them out.
    Clear App Leftovers

How To Remove Large and Old Apps

To find large and old apps easily and quickly, click the Large and Old option.

  1. Navigate to Large and Old column. In this window, you can see the apps larger than 100MB (or a certain amount of size based on your choice) and have not been opened in the past 3 months (or 6 months/1 year).
    Clean Large and Old Apps

Click XXX MB to define another size that you think is more proper for sorting the large apps. Four options are available for now: 100MB, 500MB, 1GB, 5GB.

Find Large Apps

Click XX months to define another time span that you think is more proper for sorting the old apps. 3 options are available for now: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

Find Old Apps

How To Remove Incompatible Apps

When you updated your Mac to a newer version of macOS (Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura), you may have noticed that some of your apps stopped working properly. BuhoCleaner will list all there apps in the Incompatible column (not showing if there isn't any).

Remove Incompatible Apps

How To Use App Groups

You can use the app grouping feature in BuhoCleaner to find apps even faster and easier. For instance, in Sources column, you can find apps downloaded from App Store or from other third-party app developer website.

App Sources

If you look for apps developed by particular vendors, click Vendors.

App Vendors

How To Search Apps

Searching apps with BuhoCleaner is easy. Simply click the magnifying lens on the right top corner to do the search.

App Search

Type some keywords in the search box that may help you locate your apps soon.

App Search