Changing BuhoCleaner Language

We aim at serving Mac users from around the world by localizing BuhoCleaner to support multiple languages.Currently you can use BuhoCleaner in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.We will support more languages in the future.If you enjoy using our app, and have part time for distributing to our program, Join in Us to become a BuhoCleaner Translation Volunteer.

Customize BuhoCleaner Language

To facilitate your usage, we set our BuhoCleaner app to automatically select the language according to region settings in your System Preferences app. Otherwise, you can change the language in BuhoCleaner to your preferred language by following the steps below.

1.Open System Preferences on your Mac > Choose Language & Region.


2.Navigate to Apps > Click Plus icon > Click Application drop box and select BuhoCleaner > Click Language drop box to choose the language that you're preferred to use > Click Add.


3.Click Relaunch Now to confirm relaunching BuhoCleaner and make the language customization taking effect.


4.When BuhoCleaner relaunches, you can use it in the language you chosen.