Finding and Deleting Duplicates

Have a long time that you forget to clear away duplicates and clutters in Documents, Desktop, Photo Library and other commonly used file folders? The Duplicates feature in BuhoCleaner offers blazing fast solution to scan your selected file folder, find and delete all identical files that don't need to exist.

How To Search and Delete Duplicated Files on Mac

  1. Open BuhoCleaner > Go to Duplicates > Click the Plus button to add folders that you want to scan identical files from.
    Delete Duplicated Files
  2. Click the folder locations below to start scan or you can add custom folders for scanning. Click Choose to start scanning.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 2
  3. When the scanning is done, you can see all your duplicated files in result review screen.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 3
  4. From the Select Duplicates menu, select Smart Select to mark all the oldest or newest duplicates with one click.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 4
  5. Alternatively, you can sort the results by name, size, count, or selected count, and manually mark duplicates you don't need.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 5
  6. You can preview a selected file. To know more about it, double-click its file path or click the magnifier icon next to its file path.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 6
  7. Once you've selected all the duplicates you want to delete, click the Remove button in the lower right corner.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 7
  8. Click Continue to start deleting your selected duplicates.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 8
  9. In a short while, BuhoCleaner will finish deleting your selected duplicate files. Click Done to return to Duplicates start screen.
    Delete Duplicated Files Step 9