Removing Large Files

The Large Files feature in BuhoCleaner gives you full reviews on your file system. You can browse all your large or old files at a glance. Instead of digging through every folder, you only need to check a list of well-arranged files in Large Files screen.

How To Search and Delete Large/Old Files on Mac

  1. Open BuhoCleaner > Go to Large Files > Click Scan to start.
    Large/Old Files
  2. After the scanning is done, you can see all your files larger than 50MB will be classified by its file types. You can easily do the file cleanup per each file type: All Files, Audio Files, Video Files, Images, Documents, Archives, Other Files.
    Large/Old Files
  3. In each file category, you can filter your files by clicking Name, Size or Last Opened.
    Large/Old Files
  4. Also you browse each listed files in Finder by clicking the magnifying lens icon.
    Show in Finder
  5. After the file selection is done, click Remove.
    Remove Large Files
  6. Double check your delected items. Click Remove to continue.
    Check Selected Items
  7. In a short while, BuhoCleaner will finish deleting your selected files. Click Done to return to Large Files start screen.