License Key Not Received

If you purchased BuhoCleaner and did not receive a license key, please follow this guide for possible causes and solutions.

Why Didn't I Receive a License Key After I Purchased BuhoCleaner?

We are terribly sorry about this. Basically, after successful payment, you will receive an email from Paddle where you can find your license key. Here are the possible reasons why you could not receive the email.

  • There was a technical issue with Paddle.
  • You entered the wrong email address.
  • We did not receive your payment.
  • Your email is preventing Paddle from sending you emails. (Or the email from Paddle was added to your Spam folder).

The Solution to This Problem

Please make sure you have successfully paid. Then, contact us at [email protected] (don't forget to include a screenshot of your transaction). We will get back to you within 24 hours and send you your license key directly.