BuhoCleaner Menu

BuhoCleaner Menu is the core part of our Mac cleaning solution which will automatically launch when you login to your Mac. It runs it the background and simultaneously shows all checkups for your Mac performance, including the CPU load, CPU temperature, fan speed, RAM usage, Network speed, HD drive disk space usage, etc. You can also take actions to free RAM, clear HD Macintoch storage, open BuhoCleaner or its preferences.


Mac CPU Monitor

When clicking the BuhoCleaner Menu from your Mac menu bar, you can see the results of your Mac CPU monitor, including CPU load, CPU temperature, CPU fan speed. Since the CPU usage continuously varies based on running activities on your computer, you can choose to close particular apps that consume too much CPU power source.


Free Mac RAM

From the RAM section in BuhoCleaner Menu, you can see the amount of system RAM memory being used on your Mac. The blue dot graphically represents the RAM memory pressure and how efficiently your memory is serving your processing needs. By clicking the Flash icon, you can easily free up RAM on your Mac.


Mac Network Speed Monitor

BuhoCleaner Menu also features Network Speed Monitor utility, which is designed to display your current network speed in menu bar, including the downloading and uploading speed.


Check Mac Storage

BuhoCleaner Menu indicates the overall usage of your Mac hard drive disk storage. If you feel your Mac is running out of space, simply click the Trash icon and the BuhoCleaner Menu will initiate the main app, run the Flash Clean and show you how much free storage space you can reclaim with BuhoCleaner.


Do More with BuhoCleaner Menu

At the bottom of BuhoCleaner Menu app, you can click Open BuhoCleaner to launch the main program. Or you can click Drbuho logo to visit our homepage. In addition, you can open the BuhoCleaner preference panel to adjust the preset settings.