How to Download macOS (Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey) – 4 Ways

Last updated: Sep 25, 2023
Summary: If you want to manually download macOS (Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, or older versions), you can check the 4 ways in this post.

In general, Apple releases a new version of macOS every year, and these OS upgrades are free to download and install. Below we introduce 4 ways to let you easily download macOS (Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Catalina, etc.).

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Way 1. Download macOS via Software Update

The easiest and fastest way to download and install the latest version of macOS is to use Software Update. It also requires less storage space.

On macOS Sonoma or Ventura, you can click the Apple menu > System Settings > General. Click Software Update in the right window.

On macOS Monterey, Catalina, etc., you can click Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

After you click Software Update, it will start automatically checking for newer software updates for your Mac, including OS updates and upgrades, built-in app updates, and more.

If Software Update finds a newer macOS version for your device, you can click Upgrade Now to download and install the newer Mac OS for your computer. Your Mac may restart and the screen may go blank several times.

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If you use macOS Ventura and it displays macOS Sonoma is available for your device, you can also directly upgrade to macOS Sonoma from the Software Update screen. It’s highly recommended you back up your Mac before conducting the macOS update or upgrade.

Way 2. Download macOS from the Official Apple Website

You can also go to the official Apple website to manually download your preferred version of macOS if you want. Follow these steps to download Mac OS from the official Apple website.

Step 1. Open a web browser on your Mac. Go to the official Apple macOS website at Currently, it displays information about macOS Sonoma, the latest macOS version.

Step 2. On the macOS page, you can click on the "Download" or “Upgrade Now” button. This will take you to the Mac App Store.

Step 3. On the Mac App Store page, you will see the latest version of macOS available for download. Now it is macOS Sonoma. Click the "Get" button to download macOS Sonoma for your Mac.

Alternatively, you can also directly click the link below to open the App Store page for the corresponding macOS.

Step 4. You may be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID. If you don't have one, you can create a new Apple ID.

Step 5. After signing in, the macOS installation file will begin downloading. The file size is above 10GB, so it may take some time depending on your internet connection speed.

Step 6. Once the download is complete, the macOS installation file will be saved to your Applications folder by default.

Step 7. Then you can double-click the installation file to follow the instructions to install macOS.

The macOS installer file is large and it will take some time to complete the download process. Still, make sure your Mac has enough free storage space for the Mac OS download and installation. You can use BuhoCleaner, a professional Mac cleaner program, to clean your Mac and free up more space. Download and install BuhoCleaner by clicking the button below.
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Way 3. Download macOS from the App Store

You can also directly open the App Store on your Mac and search for the preferred macOS version to download. You can click the App Store icon in the Dock or click Apple > App Store to open the Mac App Store.

Way 4. Reinstall macOS from Recovery Mode

If your Mac computer has problems and you want to reinstall your macOS, you can use Mac Recovery Mode. It is an easy way to download and install a new copy of macOS on your Mac. Check the detailed guide in this post: How to Reinstall macOS (Ventura) with Recovery Mode or USB.

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Please note that downloading macOS from sources other than the official Apple website is not recommended, as it may pose security risks or contain modified versions of the operating system. Always download macOS from trusted sources.


If you want to download macOS (Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Catalina, etc.), this post offers 4 ways with detailed instructions.

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