Monitor the Mac system in your menu bar with BuhoCleaner

By Alicia Hart, on May 21, 2021

With the BuhoCleaner 1.5.0 update, We provide you with a completely free function, which can monitor the various stats of your mac in real-time in the Status Menu and provide some other useful features.

Show stats on the Status Menu

The Menu icon appears in the system menu bar when you start BuhoCleaner. By default, we only display the app icon in the status bar without other stats.


You can open the preference and select what stat you want to display :


If you modify the settings to be the same as the picture above, the menu bar will look like this :


Those items include the following:

  • "CPU" represents the average system load over a period of time.
  • "TEMP" represents the maximum temperature of all the CPU core.
  • "MEM" represents the percent of available memory in use at a given moment.
  • "SSD" represents the percent of used SSD space.
  • "FAN" represents the current fan speed of your Mac.
  • The last one is your current upload and download speed.

And you can also choose whether to display the status menu when you turn on your Mac.


There're more details

When you click the BuhoCleaner Status Menu, a more detailed stats panel will be opened. In this panel, we provided some extra features like below:


Wrapping It Up

This new feature provides a very concise ability to view the system status. And it can help you quickly clean up the disk and free up your RAM.

You can follow this link How to free up disk space on your Mac to know more about cleaning up your mac.

If you are interested in BuhoCleaner, please download and try it now.