How to Upgrade to a Premium User of BuhoCleaner

If you already have BuhoCleaner and activated it with our giveaway promotion, we encourage you to purchase the full version for a lifetime of free upgrades and premium support.

How Do I Know if I Am Using the Giveaway Version of BuhoCleaner?

  1. Open BuhoCleaner.
  2. Click the BuhoCleaner menu and select Activation Status.
  3. You will see information like "You're using the giveaway version".
    Check If You're Using the BuhoCleaner Giveaway Version

How to Upgrade My Account to a Premium Account

  1. Click the Buy License button on the BuhoCleaner Activation window to visit our Buy page.
  2. Select the plan that suits you and complete the payment.
  3. Once you check out successfully, you will receive an email from Paddle, including your license code. See what to do if you don't receive your license code.
  4. Click the Enter Activation Code button on the BuhoClenaner Activation window.
    Activate BuhoCleaner to Premium
  5. Paste in the code received from Paddle, then click OK.
  6. Start cleaning up your Mac with BuhoCleaner.