[2024 Updated] How to Delete OneDrive Duplicate Files - 2 Ways

Clare Phang
Last updated: Jan 24, 2024

This post will teach you how to find and delete duplicate files in OneDrive easier and quicker. Read on for more details.

"I need to delete duplicate files in OneDrive to free up space. I was finally able to access following MS-recommended sequence after loging into my OneDrive account: Files, Settings, then "Manage storage". However, I do not see next step "search OneDrive for duplicate files".

According to instructions, above steps should produce a "list of duplicate files", which I can then delete.

Please advise on how to delete duplicates....Thanks!"

- A Question from Microsoft Community.

OneDrive offers you 5 GB of free space. Duplicate files may occupy this treasure space.

To find and delete those annoying OneDrive duplicate files, follow the guide we prepared for you which offers a manual and an automatic way. Keep reading!

Delete OneDrive Duplicate Files

Why Does OneDrive Create Duplicate Files?

OneDrive may create duplicate files in the following situations:

  • Files are updated by several people in different locations at the same time.
  • Sync issues.
  • You clicked the option - Copy to occasionally.
  • You have saved the image multiple times.

Does OneDrive Detect Duplicate Files?

The answer is yes. When you upload duplicate files, OneDrive will pop up a message "A file with this name already exists so we couldn't upload XXX. Add it as a new version of the existing file, or keep them both. And there are two options for you: Replace or Keep both.

OneDrive duplicate files popup message

However, it can only detect duplicate files by filename and extension, making it easy to ignore duplicate files with different names.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files: The Easiest Way

For a number of duplicate files that you want to find and delete, the most time-saving yet effort-saving way is to use a OneDrive duplicate finder and remover.

BuhoCleaner is one of the best OneDrive duplicate finders and removers. With it, finding and deleting OneDrive duplicate photos, documents, and videos can be done in minutes with ease.

The premise is that you are using the OneDrive app for Mac. Or you have to download the OneDrive app for Mac.

Before finding and deleting duplicate files:

  1. Sync OneDrive with your Mac.

After signing in to your OneDrive account: Check Sync all files and folders in OneDrive on the Sync Files from Your OneDrive window>Next>Open my OneDrive folder.

  1. Find and Move the OneDrive folder to the sidebar in Finder.

Click the OneDrive icon on the Menu Bar>Click the Settings button>Preferences>Account>Choose Folders>Check Make all files available>Click OK.

Sync OneDrive Folder

Find your OneDrive folder via the Location on your Mac at the bottom. Drag the OneDrive folder to the Favorites sidebar in Finder.

OneDrive Folder in Finder

How to find and remove duplicate files in OneDrive with BuhoCleaner:

DownloadFor macOS 10.10 and above
100,000+ Satisfied Users Worldwide
  1. Free download, install, and launch BuhoCleaner.
  2. Click Duplicates>Click the + button>Choose Custom Folder>OneDrive>OK>Scan.
    OneDrive duplicate files finder
  3. Choose Smart Select to quickly remove all duplicates but keep the original one only.
    Delete OneDrive duplicate photos via BuhoCleaner
  4. Click Remove.
  1. As long as you have turned on the sync feature, the change will sync to your OneDrive online.
  2. You can choose to find and delete all duplicate files in OneDrive or only in a specific folder.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files Manually

In the case that there are little OneDrive duplicate files, you can find and delete them manually.

Although the manual process is time-consuming, it's still worth a try. Here you'll find some skills to speed up the manual process.

The duplicate files are always with the number, -copy, computer name, etc. at the end of the file name.

Step 1: Sort Files

  • Sort Files by Name

A to Z/Z to A

Sort files by name in OneDrive
  • Sort Files by File Size

The duplicate files must show the same file size.

Sort files by file size in OneDrive

Step 2: Select and delete all the duplicate files you don't need.

Press and hold the Command key>Click the files to be deleted one by one to select multiple files at once.


After reading this post, are you clear about how to delete duplicate files in OneDrive? Go and delete these useless duplicate files to free up your OneDrive space now!

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