iOS 17 AirDrop Not Working? - 11 Fast Fixes

Clare Phang
Last updated: Dec 4, 2023

This post is about the possible reasons for iOS 17 AirDrop not working and its fast yet overall fixes. Read on to learn more useful information!

AirDrop makes photos, videos, websites, and location sharing between two iPhones or iPhone and Mac more convenient than ever.

iOS 17 brings users many new features, you can now swap numbers with NameDrop and hold two iPhone devices close together to instantly start a SharePlay session.

However, there are still some AirDrop-related issues like AirDrop not working on iOS 17/16, AirDrop being stuck on "waiting", etc. annoying Apple users.

But don't worry. In this post, you'll get 11 useful methods to fix AirDrop not working on iPhone/iPad/Mac/MacBook.

iOS 17 AirDrop Not Working

Why Is My AirDrop Not Working on iOS 17?

The common reasons why AirDrop isn't working on iOS 17/iOS 16 collected from Apple users are listed below. Check whether your iPhone is in the same situation.  

  • You share to an Apple device that doesn't support AirDrop (Older Apple device/Not Apple Device).
  • Wrong AirDrop Settings.
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is turned off.
  • The distance between the two devices is far more than 30 feet (9 meters).
  • Your iPhone runs out of power.
  • You have enabled Airplane Mode/Focus Mode.
  • You have enabled the hotspot.
  • VPN issues.
  • Corrupted network.
  • iOS 17 Beta issues.
If the recipients have their AirDrop set to receive from Contacts Only and you're in their Contacts, they need to have your Apple ID's email address or mobile number in your contact card for AirDrop to work.

Check AirDrop Compatibility

AirDrop is not available in all iPhone/iPad/macOS models. So if you are using older iPhone/iPad/macOS models, there may be no AirDrop feature.   And here are the Apple device models that support AirDrop:  

  • iOS 7 and later
  • iPadOS 14 and later
  • macOS X 10.10 and later  

How to Fix iOS 17 AirDrop Not Working

After figuring out the possible reasons and checking the Airdrop compatibility, let's learn some proven solutions to fix this issue!  

Select/Change AirDrop Discoverability to Everyone

The first try recommended is to select or change AirDrop discoverability to Everyone. By doing this, the recipient can find and recognize your iPhone better.   Here is how to set AirDrop discoverability to Everyone on iPhone/iPad:

  • via Control Center   Swipe up/down to access Control Center>Tap and hold AirDrop>Click Everyone for 10 Minutes.
Set AirDrop Everyone for 10 Minutes
  • via Settings

Open SettingsGeneralAirDropEveryone for 10 Minutes.

Set AirDrop Everyone for 10 Minutes in Settings

Here is how to set AirDrop discoverability to Everyone on Mac:

  • via Control Center 

Click the Control Center icon on the Menu Bar>Click AirDrop >Click Everyone.

Turn On AirDrop Mac
  • via System Settings   Go to Apple MenuSystem SettingsGeneralAirDrop & Handoff>Select Everyone.
Set AirDrop Everyone in Settings Mac
The Contact Only option is only available on iOS 10, iPadOS 10, macOS 10.12 and later. The Everyone for 10 Minutes option is only available on iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and later. On earlier iOS and iPadOS versions, there is only the Everyone option.

Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

A successful transfer via AirDrop requires both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be turned on. So go to Settings or Control Center to check and turn on them.

Turn On Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
For iOS 17.1 and later, there is an option named Use Cellular Data, which enables the AirDrop process to be continued when Wi-Fi is not available.

Move the Devices Closer

Although Airdrop allows you to transfer photos, videos, etc. wirelessly, it is for nearby devices. Apple suggests that the distance between the two devices is within 30 feet (9 meters).

Restart Your iPhone

It is also recommended to give your iPhone/iPad/Mac a restart. There may be some occasional errors. Rebooting your iPhone/iPad/Mac may fix these errors.

Avoid Locking Your iPhone

Another reason for AirDrop not working on iOS 17/16 or "AirDrop stuck on waiting" is that you or the recipient or both of you didn't unlock the iPhone.

In this case, you'd better unlock your iPhone to complete this transfer process.  

Turn Off Airplane Mode and Focus Mode

Airplane Mode and Focus Mode will get in the way of the AirDrop transfer. As we all know, Airplane Mode will disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are the necessities of an AirDrop transfer.

Turn Off AirPlane Mode

Turn Off Personal Hotspot

Turning on the personal hotspot means that you aren't enabled Wi-Fi. So you can't use the AirDrop feature. Disable personal hotspot and turn on Wi-Fi to see whether this fixes the AirDrop not working issue on iOS 17/16.

Disable Personal Hotspot

Remove AirDrop Restrictions

In some rare cases, you may find that AirDrop is not showing up or is grey on your iPhone. This is because you have disabled AirDrop in the Content & Privacy Restrictions. Go check and remove the restrictions on iPhone/iPad.

Here is how:   Go to SettingsScreen TimeContent & Privacy Restrictions>choose Allowed AppsAirDrop.

Remove AirDrop Restrictions


Update Your iPhone

Many users reported iOS system glitches in older iOS versions and iOS Beta versions. The iOS 17 Beta AirDrop not working is one of the common iOS 17 Beta issues.

To get out of this problem, all you need to do is update your iPhone. Update your iOS 17 Beta to the latest iOS 17 version.

BuhoRepair is an easy-to-use tool that helps you upgrade/downgrade your iOS version. Let it do you a favor.

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Besides the iOS upgrade/downgrade, it also provides you with features like common iOS software issues repair, enter/exit Recovery mode in 1 click, and device reset. Explore more surprising features of it!  


Reset Network Settings

If AirDrop takes too long to transfer, you can change to another Wi-Fi in better conditions or consider resetting network settings.   Reset network settings can rule out the network problem. But note that it will erase all your network settings, including your Wi-Fi password. So remember to write down your password first.

Here is how to reset network Settings:

Open SettingsGeneralTransfer or Reset iPhoneReset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings

Contact Apple Support

If none of the above methods work to bring your AirDrop back to normal, ask Apple Support for help.

Besides what is mentioned above, there are still some other methods that are worth a try, for example, add the sender's Email/Apple ID to his/her contact information on the recipient's iPhone, log back into your Apple Account, disconnect VPN, check and charge your iPhone, etc.

If you find AirDrop from iPhone to Mac not working, you may have set "Block all incoming connections. Go to Mac Apple MenuSystem SettingsNetworkFirewallOptions>disable “Block all incoming connections>enable  ”Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connections".


In this post, 11 fixes for iOS 17 AirDrop not working are presented to you.

Pick one or more of these fixes and go ahead to make your AirDrop work normally again.


  1. How to use NameDrop on iOS 17?

    The NameDrop feature on iOS 17 makes it easier for users to exchange their personal information. To use NameDrop: (Make sure both your iPhones are updating to iOS 17 and enabled AirDrop.)

    1. Turn on the Bluetooth.
    2. Hold your iPhone near each other (top to top).
    3. An animation and contact poster will appear with two options below: Receive Only or Share. Just tap the one you want.
    4. Wait for the process to finish. Once finished, tap Done to save the contact.
  2. What's new for iOS 17 AirDrop?

    1. Introduce NameDrop to make users share contact information simply by bringing iPhones or an iPhone and Apple Watch closer.
    2. Content and SharePlay sharing can be made with the same gesture.
    3. Although you leave the AirDrop range, your content will continue to be sent securely over the internet.
  3. How to fix iOS 17 NameDrop not working?

    • Upgrade/update both iPhones to iOS 17.
    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • Restart iPhone.
    • Move your iPhones closer.
    • Light your iPhone screen.
    • Make sure you have finished your Contact Card with the Contact Poster, phone number, and email address.
    • Check the NameDrop Settings: go to Settings>General>AirDrop>Bring Devices Together.
    • Reset Network Settings.
  4. How to exchange contacts iOS 17 using NameDrop?

    1. Turn on the Bluetooth.
    2. Hold the top of your iPhone near the top of someone else’s iPhone to exchange your contacts on iOS 17.
    3. Choose Receive Only or Share.

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