Apple Patches an NSO Group Spyware Flaw

Wendy Wu
Last updated: Sep 15, 2021
Apple Patches an NSO Group Spyware Flaw

Apple urgently released 
security updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS after researchers found an NSO Group’s spyware in iPhone.

On Monday, researchers at the 
Citizen Lab, a cybersecurity regulator at the University of Toronto, discovered that the iPhone of a Saudi militant was infected with NSO's advanced spyware Pegasus. This spyware can turn on the user's camera and microphone, record messages, texts, emails, and phone calls, and send them back to NSO's customers in governments around the world. Not just the iPhone, all Apple devices may also be affected. After the news came out, Apple urgently released a patch to the vulnerability.

Go and update your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch now.

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