Tim Cook May Not Retire Until New Major Product Category Come Out

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Robert Hunt
Last updated: Sep 3, 2021

Tim Cook May Not Retire Until New Major Product Category Come Out

According to the latest report by Bloomberg Technology reporter Mark Gurman, he believes that Apple CEO Tim Cook will launch Apple's first VR virtual helmet and AR glasses in 2025. He also mentioned that Apple is continuing to work hard on electric-powered Apple Car, and the time to market and launch the Apple Car has not yet been determined.

Mark Gurman learned from sources that Apple's employees believe that Tim Cook will wait until another revolutionary product is launched before leaving. The major new product type is likely to be AR glasses instead of Apple Car, because the latter's goal is still too far away to achieve.

In an interview with The New York Times in April of this year, Cook said that Apple is critical to the development of AR in the future. AR will change people's lives, and it will also make users' habits change significantly.

Kara Swisher of The New York Times asked Tim Cook if he would stay at Apple in the next ten years. Cook said that although he feels good now, ten years is too long for him, and he may retire in less than ten years. Cook was also asked about his plans after retirement. He said that he likes Apple very much and he hasn't thought about plans after retirement. He may not start thinking about it until he retires.