iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi after iOS 17.5.1 Update? - 9 Fast Fixes

Clare Phang
Last updated: Mar 6, 2024

This post is about reasons and fixes for iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi. Check the step-by-step guide below.

iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi/iPhone Wi-Fi not working issue disappointed iPhone users. This issue becomes more common after the iOS 17 update.

It means you are unable to use Wi-Fi to play games, search for information, or work online.

But don't worry! Equip yourself with some helpful skills in this post to solve this tackle issue. Read on to learn more.

iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Why Is My iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi issue may be arising from various aspects. Here we list the most common ones:

  • Issues with the Wi-Fi router.
  • The poor connection signal.
  • iOS 17 bugs.
  • The distance between your iPhone and the Wi-Fi router is too far.
  • The wrong Wi-Fi password.
  • The Airplane Mode is on.
  • Hardware component issue.
The reason behind the iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi automatically may be that you have turned off the "Auto-join" feature. The reason behind the "iPhone not connecting to wifi after update" may be the iOS update bugs.

How to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Are you clear about the reasons for your iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi now?

Let's move to the next yet most important part - fast fixes for iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi/iPhone Wi-Fi not working. Keep reading!

Restart your iPhone

A quick fix for iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi is to restart your iPhone. A simple restart can fix some common occasional system glitches.

Check the Router

Issues with the router and the far distance between the router and your iPhone can make the Wi-Fi not work on your iPhone.

Check the router and make sure you are within range for a well Wi-Fi connection.

Turn Wi-Fi Off and On

After checking the router, you can have a try at turning Wi-Fi off and on.

Swipe up/down to show the Control Center>Click the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off> Wait for a while>Turn it on.

Turn Off and On Wi-Fi

Or you can turn it off and on via Settings.

Turn Off and On Wi-Fi in Settings

Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi if the Airplane Mode is on. This also means that you can refresh your Wi-Fi by turning on the Airplane Mode.

Swipe up/down to get access to the Control Center> Click the Airplane Mode icon to turn it on >Wait for a while>Turn the Airplane Mode off.

Turn On Airplane Mode

Forget and Reconnect Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi password changes may also lead to the iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi issues. Try to forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect it.

Here is how to forget a Wi-Fi network:

Go to SettingsWLAN>Click the "i" icon at the end of the aimed Wi-Fi>Forget This Network.

Forget Wi-Fi Network

Check iOS Update

The old iOS version/iOS Beta version always carries some system bugs. New iOS updates may fix the bugs in the old iOS system. Go and find the latest iOS version to apply it on your iPhone.

Apple says iOS 17.2 will fix the Wi-Fi slow and connectivity issue. And now the newest iOS 17.5.1 is already released. Update your iOS to iOS 17.5.1.

Reset Network Settings

There is an effective way to fix the iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi - reset network settings.

But it's worth noting that resetting network settings will erase all your network settings including the password. Write down or back up your password before you reset it.

Here is how to reset network settings on your iPhone:

Go to SettingsGeneralTransfer or Reset iPhoneResetReset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings

Turn Off VPN

The VPN may interfere with your Wi-Fi. It is recommended to turn off the VPN if you find your iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi when the VPN is on.

Reset iPhone

After you have tried all the above easy methods but still failed to connect to Wi-Fi, you can take "reset iPhone" as the ultimate solution.

As reset iPhone will erase all your iPhone data, you'd better back up important data before you perform the reset action.

Besides what was mentioned above, here are some other methods that may help, for example, checking cables and connections, resetting location service on the iPhone, restarting your router, switching to other Wi-Fi, etc.

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After finishing this post, do you equip yourself with these helpful skills? Now go ahead and fix your iPhone's Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

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