Mac Mouse Not Working after Sonoma Update: 8 Easy Fixes

Clare Weaver
Last updated: Oct 24, 2023
Summary: Is your mouse not working properly after the macOS Sonoma update? You've come to the right place. Here, you will find the potential reasons behind it and solutions for the issue.

The mouse is super important while you working with your Mac/MacBook/iMac. Although you may have a trackpad, it's more convenient if there's a mouse.

Many users have encountered the "mouse not working on Mac" issue, especially after a macOS update. It's essential to acquire some basic knowledge and skills to resolve this common problem. Keep reading!

Mac Mouse Not Working after Sonoma Update: 8 Easy Fixes

Why Is My Mac Mouse Not Working?

The reasons why your Mac mouse not working are various and hard to figure out the exact ones. But here is a collection of the most common ones that users encounter in their daily lives:

  • Matching issues
  • Low battery
  • Interference
  • Long-time usage
  • Connectivity problems
  • Tracking or scrolling issues
  • Software conflicts

How to Fix Mouse Not Working on Mac

Now that you already figured out the possible causes of the Mac mouse not working, let's move to the proving solutions to fix these issues.

1. Enable Mouse Keys

As your Mac mouse click not working, you cannot use it to perform any actions. If you are using a MacBook, you can temporarily use your trackpad to follow some fixes. However, what if there is no trackpad?

Mouse keys help a lot at this time. Here is how to enable mouse keys:

  1. Press Command+Option+F5.
  2. Press the Tab key to move to the Mouse Keys option.
    Enable Mouse Keys
  3. Press Space to select it.
  4. Press Esc to save your changes and quit.
For a MacBook, Press and hold Fn until you see F5, then press Fn+Command+Option+F5 at the same time.
Mouse Key

2. Turn Your Mouse Off and On

In general, most mouses have Power Off and On buttons.

One easy and quick attempt to fix the mouse not working on Mac is to turn your mouse off and on.

Some occasional errors can be fixed by performing this action. If this attempt fails to make your mouse work normally again, then skip to other solutions.

3. Take Out the Mouse Battery and Reput It Again

The mouse battery may not always work properly with time. While you cannot control your mouse to move the cursor, have a try at taking out and re-putting the mouse battery. This proves to be effective in most cases.

4. Charge or Replace Mouse Battery

Besides occasional failure and problematic battery, another common cause for Mac/MacBook/iMac mouse not working is low battery. With time, the battery life may greatly reduce.

In this case, you may need to charge your mouse (USB mouse not working on Mac) or replace the mouse battery (Wireless/Bluetooth mouse not working on Mac).

If you are using an Apple Magic mouse, connect the Lighting cable, which will pair the accessory with your Mac and charge the built-in battery.

5. Pair the Bluetooth Mouse with Your Mac Again

Sometimes, if you pair your mouse with multiple devices before, your Bluetooth mouse may automatically connect to other devices.

So check and unpair your Bluetooth mouse with other devices first, and then pair the Bluetooth mouse with your Mac again.

6. Turn Bluetooth Off and On

Connecting multiple Bluetooth devices may cause some occasional errors, which may give rise to the Mac mouse not working issue.

In this case, just turn Mac Bluetooth off and on to see whether it works.

7. Check for Wireless Interference

With several peripherals connected next to each other, there can be wireless interference.

Many users have encountered the mouse not working on Mac working issue while they keep using several peripherals like external hard drive cable, display cable, mouse cable, etc. at the same time.

After disconnecting other peripherals or moving other peripherals away from the mouse cable, the mouse then back to normal.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB receiver is also worth a try.

8. Update Your Mac

There may be some mouse bugs in the old or Beta macOS version. So always keep your macOS to the latest version. Follow the steps below to update your Mac:

Click Apple MenuSystem SettingsGeneralSoftware UpdateUpdate Now.

Want to reset mouse preferences on your Mac? Follow the actions: System SettingsMouse.

Besides what is mentioned above, there are some other methods that may help. For example, delete the mouse property list files, uninstall incompatible apps, debug the Bluetooth module on your Mac, etc.

Final Words

In this article, we provide you with universal solutions for the Mac mouse not working issue. These methods are effective whether you are using a third-party mouse or an Apple Magic mouse.

Now, go ahead and try out these helpful methods!

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