Mac Right-Click Not Working? - 6 Fast Fixes

Clare Weaver
Last updated: Nov 10, 2023

This post is about Mac right-click not working fixes. Learn 6 helpful skills as alternative ways to the right-click. Keep reading!

The right click is also called the secondary click. It is convenient for users to get quick access to the context menu as well as some often-used features like copy-and-paste.

However, the Mac right-click not working issue is disappointing. It may even get in the way of the normal usage of your Mac.

Don't worry! In this post, you will learn 6 helpful skills to fix this tackle issue. Read on to learn more.

Mac Right-Click Not Working

Why Is Mac Right-Click Not Working?

Although it's hard to find out the main cause of the right-click not working issue, the common reasons behind it are mainly:

  • Unstable mouse connectivity.
  • Wrong mouse setting.
  • Wrong trackpad setting.
  • System glitches.
  • Incompatible applications.
  • Hardware issues of trackpad or mouse.
  • Wireless interference.

How to Fix Mac Right-Click Not Working

After figuring out the main reasons for the right-click not working on the Mac mouse or trackpad, it's time to learn some effective fixes and alternative ways of the right-click.

1. Use Trackpad

The first method is suitable for a Mac mouse / Apple Magic mouse not working on a MacBook.

As the Mac mouse right-click not working, you can use your trackpad as a temporary and alternative method of the right-click.

Here is how to perform Mac right-click without the mouse using the trackpad:

Go to Apple MenuSystem SettingsTrackpadSecondery click.

Mac Trackpad Settings

Select the way of Secondary click for your preference: Click with Two Fingers/Click in Bottom Right Corner/Click in Bottom Left Corner.

Secondary Click Options
Control + Click (trackpad or mouse) can also work as Mac right-click.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcut

Besides the trackpad, the keyboard shortcut - Ctrl + 0 is also an alternative way to Mac right-click. But the premise is that you must enable the Mouse Key.

This method works perfectly if both your Mac mouse and trackpad not working.

Here is how to use a keyboard shortcut to right-click on Mac:

  1. Turn on the Mouse Key:
  • Go to Apple MenuSystem SettingsAccessibilityPointer ControlMouse Key.

  • Or open the Mouse Key window via the shortcut: Command+Option+F5.

Enable Mouse Keys
For a MacBook: Press and hold Fn until you see F5, then press Fn + Command + Option + F5 at the same time.
  1. Press the shortcut: Control + 0

3. Check Mouse Settings

While the "right-click on Mac not working" issue happens, it's important to check mouse settings. The wrong mouse settings can lead to the right-click not working issue.

Go to Apple MenuSystem SettingsMouse>Select Click Right Side next to the Secondary click.

Mac Mouse Settings
This also works for the Magic mouse right-click not working issue. But the way to find the Secondary click settings may be a little different.

4. Charge and Reconnect Your Mac Mouse

For the Magic Mouse/Bluetooth mouse, the low battery can lead to unstable mouse connectivity. In this case, disconnect your Mac mouse, charge it (or replace the battery of your mouse), and then reconnect it.

5. Restart Your Mac

For the occasional system errors, one of the best and simplest solutions is to restart your Mac. After a restart, some error settings could be refreshed.

Or, if you don't want to restart, you can turn your mouse off and on or unpair the mouse and pair it again instead.

6. Update Your Mac

If the Mac right-click not working issue happened after the macOS Sonoma update, there may be an update software issue.

Check whether your macOS Sonoma is the Beta version or early version. If yes, update it to the latest official release version.

If you are running old macOS versions, it is also recommended you update it to the latest available and compatible macOS versions since the new macOS version always includes bug fixes.

Updating your Mac applications is also of vital importance since they may be incompatible with the new macOS version. If there is no update, you may have to completely uninstall those incompatible apps.

Besides what was mentioned above, you can also try the method of resetting SMC, checking the wireless interference, contacting Apple Support, etc.

Bonus: Optimize Your Mac Performance to the Max

Besides the reasons we mentioned above, another item you need to pay attention to is your Mac space.

Not enough space for your Mac may increase the risk of the Mac right-click not working issue and, even worse, the risk of a frozen Mac.

To clean up your Mac in an effort-saving and time-saving way, you can have a try at BuhoCleaner. It can speed up your Mac and monitor your Mac performance in real-time.

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Here are its main features:

  • Large files, junk files, and duplicate files cleaning.
  • App uninstall without leftovers.
  • Disk space analyzer.
  • Startup items management.


In this post, alternative ways of Mac right-click and Mac right-click not working fixes are introduced in detail.

Take these measures as a temporary remedy if there is a Mac mouse hardware issue before you bring it to the Apple Store or as fixes for the software issue.

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