macOS Sonoma Game Mode | Optimize Mac for Gaming

Cassie Xie
Last updated: Sep 25, 2023
Summary: This post mainly introduces macOS Sonoma Game Mode. Learn how to turn on Game Mode in macOS Sonoma. Some other tips to optimize Mac for gaming and improve gaming speed on Mac are also provided.

Learn about macOS Sonoma Game Mode and how to turn on it to get a smoother and faster gaming performance on your Mac.

macOS Sonoma game mode

About macOS Sonoma Game Mode

Apple officially released its latest macOS – macOS Sonoma - on September 26, 2023. macOS Sonoma includes a new feature known as Game Mode. This feature aims to enhance users’ gaming experience on Mac.

macOS Sonoma Game Mode can optimize the CPU and GPU power for gaming to deliver smoother gameplay. It gives games priority access to your Mac CPU and GPU resources and lowers the resource usage of other background processes.

The Game Mode works with most games including those recent and upcoming Mac games. It can also enhance the Bluetooth sampling rate and diminish input latency for some gaming controllers like PlayStation and Xbox.

How to Turn on Game Mode in macOS Sonoma

When you open and run a game in full screen on your Mac, the Game Mode will be automatically turned on. You can see a game controller icon in the Mac’s menu bar. You can only see a “Turn Game Mode Off” option which allows you to turn off macOS Sonoma Game Mode. No other game control options or configurations are available now. More optimizations of the Game Mode feature in macOS Sonoma 14 are expected in the future.

Older macOS versions don’t have the Game Mode feature. To access it, you may upgrade to macOS Sonoma.

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6 Other Tips to Improve Gaming Speed on Mac

Below are some extra tips to optimize your Mac for gaming and improve gaming speed on your Mac.

Tip 1. Update Mac to the latest version. Apple regularly releases updates to improve system performance and stability.

Tip 2. Close unnecessary apps running in the background to free up system resources. More available RAM and CPU power will be allocated to your game.

Tip 3. Play games in full-screen mode rather than window mode. Full-screen mode allocates more resources to the game and improves performance.

Tip 4. Open Activity Monitor on Mac to check for resource-intensive processes. Quit or uninstall apps that use excessive CPU or RAM.

Tip 5. Keep your Mac cool. Ensure your Mac is well-ventilated and free from dust. Overheating can cause performance throttling, leading to slow gaming speed.

Tip 6. Upgrade your Mac computer hardware or buy a new high-end Mac.

Bottom Line

This post from Dr.Buho gives a simple introduction to macOS Sonoma Game Mode. A Mac cleaner program is also provided to boost your Mac performance. Some extra tips to help you improve gaming speed on Mac are also included. Hope now you can play games on your Mac smoothly and fast.

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