[2024 Updated] How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

Clare Phang
Last updated: Mar 12, 2024

This post is about how to turn off iMessage on Mac and how to mute/silence iMessage on Mac. Keep reading.

While working or studying, you may want to turn off iMessage or iMessage notifications on your Mac.

Check the step-by-step guide on how to turn off iMessage on Mac below!

Turn off iMessage on Mac

How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

As your iPhone already keeps the origin of the iMessages, you may want to disconnect Messages from Mac.

All you need do is to sign out your Apple ID account in the Messages app on Mac. After signing out your Apple ID, you will no longer receive iMessages on your Mac.

Here is how to sign out your Apple ID from the Messages app on Mac:

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Click Messages menu>SettingsiMessageSign Out.
Sign out Apple ID under iMessage
  1. To turn off messages on your Mac from your iPhone/disable forwarding texts to your Mac: Go to iPhone SettingsMessagesText Message Forwarding>Toggle off your Mac.
  2. The Text Message Forwarding feature allows your iPhone text messages to also be sent and received on other devices signed in your iMessage account.

How to Turn Off iMessage Notifications on Mac

In the case that you want to turn off iMessage notifications rather than totally turn off iMessage, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to System SettingsNotifications.
  2. Click Messages under Application Notifications.
  3. Toggle off Allow notifications.
    Allow Notifications Messages
Under Focus Mode, iMessage notification will be temporarily turned off.

How to Turn Off iMessage Sound on Mac

For that you just want to mute/silence the iMessage sound on Mac instead of turning off message notifications, follow the steps below:

  • Go to System SettingsNotificationsMessages>Toggle off Play sound for notification.
Disable Play Sound for Notification
  • Open the Messages app>Click the Messages menu>SettingsGeneral>Uncheck Play sound effects.
Play sound effects for messages

How to Set iMessage Hide Alerts

If you want to hide alerts for one or more specific conversations for privacy concerns, here is how:

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Click one coversation>Click the Info button>Check Hide Alerts.
Set messages Hide Alerts

How to Customize Messages Notification Settings

The message notifications are fully adjustable. Go to System SettingsNotificationsMessages to make it. Here are the features you can change:

  • Notification Styles - None/Banners/Alerts.
  • Show notifications on lock screen.
  • Show in Notification Center.
  • Play sound for notification.
  • Show previews - Default/Always/When Unlocked/Never.
Messages Notifications Settings

How to Disable Messages in iCloud

The "Enable Messages in iCloud" feature under iMessage will back up and keep syncing your messages from your iPhone to your Mac as long as you enable this feature.

To stop messages syncing from iPhone to Mac or iPad, you must manually disable Messages in iCloud.

Here is how to disable Messages in iCloud:

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Click Messages menu>SettingsiMessage>Uncheck Enable Messages in iCloudDisable This Device/Disable All.
Uncheck enable messages in icloud

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After finishing this post, are you clear about how to turn off iMessage on Mac? Try these methods on your Mac now!

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