iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Working? - 9 Fast Fixes

Clare Phang
Last updated: Nov 30, 2023
Summary: This post is aimed at helping iPhone users to fix the iOS 17 contact poster not working issue. Keep reading to learn its fast fixes.

Apple introduced a new feature named Contact Poster in iOS 17. It makes personalizing your phone call achievable.

Although it's joyful to embrace the new features, it upsets users with some iOS Contacts issues like the iOS 17 contact poster not working, contact card not being available for FaceTime, contact poster not sharing in iOS 17, etc.

Relax! In this post, we're here to offer you useful and proven skills to kick off this annoying problem.

iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Working

Why Is iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Working?

Contact Poster on iOS 17 not working is a common issue for users. The causes for this issue are mainly the following:

  • iOS system glitches.
  • iOS 17 Beta issues.
  • Wrong Contact Poster Settings.
  • You have blocked your Contact Poster.
  • The recipient hasn't saved your phone number.
  • Restriction settings.
  • The corrupted/incompatibility Phone App.
  • Name & Photo Sharing is disabled.
  • Block unauthorized changes to contacts in Screen Time Settings.

How to Fix iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Working

After finishing the causes for iOS 17 Contact Poster not working/disabled, it's time to learn some practical solutions. In total, you'll get 9 solutions below. Keep reading!

1. Restart Your iPhone

The first solution to fix the iOS 17 contact poster disabled is to restart your iPhone.

There may be some conflicts between the Contact Poster and the new iOS system. Give your iPhone a restart to make these occasional conflicts disappear.

2. Make Sure Both Your iPhones Are on iOS 17

As the contact poster is a new feature only in iOS 17, both of your iPhones must run the iOS 17 version to use this new feature normally.

Check whether one of your iPhones has not updated to iOS 17.

3. Make Sure Name & Photo Sharing Is Enabled

Although you have made and saved your Contact Poster, you have to enable Name & Photo Sharing to make it work and show up while you make a phone call.

Go to Phone App>ContactsMy CardContact Photo & Poster>Enable Name & Photo Sharing.

Name and Photo Sharing

4. Make Sure the Recipient Has Saved Your Phone Number

There are two options to share Contact Photo & Poster: Contacts Only or Always Ask. If you have enabled Contacts Only, then only the saved contacts can see your contact photo and poster.

Set Contact Poster Contacts Only

In this case, ask your friend to save your phone number. And then it will show up your contact poster the next time you make a call.

If the Contact Poster still not working/updating, have a try at: send a message to the recipient in the Messages app>click the Contact Photo>infoContact Photo & Poster>check Latest Photo.
iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Updating

5. Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

Users reported that turning on the Airplane Mode and then off often works in terms of fixing the iOS 17 Contact Poster not working/disabled issue.

Swipe up/down to access the Control Center and tap the Airplane Mode icon to turn it on and off.

6. Force Quit the Phone App

The Contact Photo and Poster on iOS 17 disabled may also be caused by the corrupted Phone app. Just force quit the Phone app and reopen it to see if it is back to normal.

7. Update Your iPhone

One of the main reasons for the iOS 17 Contact Poster not working is the iOS 17 Beta issue.

As Apple keeps releasing the iOS 17 updates, it is recommended that you always keep your iOS to the latest version.

The latest version will fix some bugs of the older Beta versions.

8. Set Allow Changes in Contacts Settings

If you find your Contact Poster on iOS 17 not working after you changed it, you may have disabled Allow Changes in Screen Time Settings.

Disable block Unauthorized Changes to Contacts:

Go to SettingsScreen TimeContent & Privacy RestrictionsContactsAllow Changes.

9. Delete Your Contact Poster and Create a New One

There is another attempt you can have a try. Deleting your Contact Poster and creating a new one.

Besides what is mentioned above, here are some other helpful ways worth a try. For example, sign out and in Apple ID, turn off and on Cellular, enable Automatic Network Selection, factory reset iPhone, etc.

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After you finish this post, go ahead and fix your iOS 17 Contact Poster not working/disabled issue now!

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  1. What is Contact Poster?

    Contact Poster is the Photo and other customized effects appear while you make a phone call. It is a new feature in the iOS 17 update.

  2. How to create or change the Contact Poster?

    Create a new Contact Poster:

    Open Phone App>ContactsMy CardContact Photo & Poster>Choose Your Poster (Camera/Photos/Memoji/MonoGram) and adjust the Background Color/Font & Color>Preview PosterContinueDone.

    Change Your Contact Poster:

    Open Phone App>ContactsMy CardContact Photo & PosterCustomizePosterChoose a Different Poster>Choose Your Poster and edit the Background Color/Font>ContinueDone.

  3. How to set iPhone full screen photo incoming call iOS 17?

    Go to SettingsPhoneIncoming CallsFull Screen.

  4. How to fix the Contact Card not available for FaceTime?

    • Swipe up and switch FaceTime off for a few seconds and turn it on.
    • Go to Settings >​ Cellular>Scroll to the bottom and find FaceTime > Switch it off for a few seconds and then turn it on.
    • Remove and re-add the contact.
    • Delete the app and download a new one.
    • Go to SettingsFaceTime>Turn FaceTime off and on.
    • Force re-order of the Contacts display order: go to SettingsContactsDisplay Order > Switching from ‘First, Last‘ to ‘Last, First’.

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