iOS 17/iOS 17.5 Issues, Bugs, Problems and Their Fast Fixes

Clare Phang
Last updated: May 15, 2024
Summary: This post gives you a full list of the common iOS 17 issues - iOS 17.5 issues. Besides that, how to fix them will be introduced in detail.

Apple released iOS 17.5 on 14, May. This update brings a new Pride Radiance wallpaper for the Lock Screen and many other new features. Although iOS 17.5 is more stable, some issues still remain.

If you encountered iOS 17.5 issues while updating or want to learn more about iOS 17.5 issues before updating, this post covers all you need. Effective ways to fix these issues are also included.

iOS 17 Issues and Fixes

Common iOS 17 Issues (Latest)

Here is a list of collections that many users who updated to iOS 17 - iOS 17.5 reported most during their usage and test:

iOS 17.5 Issues

  1. iMessage outage.
  2. iPhone stuck on checking for updates.
  3. iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi.
  4. iPhone 15 Pro Max: No signal, poor signal after update.
  5. iPhone battery draining fast.
  6. Typing delay.
  7. iPhone overheating issues remain.
  8. Lower battery life on some models.
  9. Receiving pictures and messages in group issues.

iOS 17 - iOS 17.4 Issues

  1. Camera roll videos won't play on iPhone.
  2. iPhone Bluetooth issue (not connecting, unstable).
  3. iPhone battery life performance decreases, drains fast, battery health decreases, iPhone not charging, etc.
  4. iPhone overheating issues.
  5. iOS 17.4 typing issue.
  6. iOS 17.2.1 unable to make calls and connect to cellular internet issue (mainly for iOS 17.2 Journal app issues.
  7. Widgets stuck - The Weather Lock Screen widget may not correctly display snow (iOS 17.1.1)/Weather widget issue on iOS 17.1.2.
  8. iOS 17 update issues - unable to install update, software update failed, unable to check for update, etc.
  9. iOS 17 network issues.
  10. iOS 17 Face ID not working/cannot recognize.
  11. iOS 17 download failure/stuck/slow.
  12. iOS 17.1.1 Apple Pay and other NFC features are unavailable.
  13. The iOS 17 update not showing up in Settings.
  14. iOS 17 AirDrop not working.
  15. The iPhone keyboard freezes.
  16. iOS 17 app crashing.
  17. iPhone notifications not working.
  18. iOS 17 contact poster not working.
  19. iOS 17 StandBy not working.
  20. iPhone black screen (iOS 17 update stuck on black screen).
  21. iPhone wallpaper disappearing.
  22. Screen time data error.
  23. iPhone pink screen.
  24. iOS 17 voicemail not working.

Besides what is listed above, there are many other iOS 17 issues - iOS 17.5 issues under discovery. To learn more about the common iOS 17 issues, bugs, and problems, you can go to Apple Community or iOS & iPadOS 17 Release Notes page.

How to Fix iOS 17 Problems

Now that you know the common iOS 17 - iOS 17.5 issues, let's move to the most important part - learn how to fix iOS 17 - iOS 17.5 bugs. Just find out the issues that occurred on your iOS 17 - iOS 17.5, and follow the fixes tutorial.

How to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast Issues

iPhone Battery draining fast after updating to iOS 17 - iOS 17.5 is one of the top issues that users care about most. This may be caused by a system bug or unhealthy iPhone battery usage.

Although Apple releases iOS 17.2.1 to fix the iOS 17.2 battery-draining fast issue, many users still encounter the battery-draining fast issue even with this iOS version.

To keep your iPhone battery life at the maximum, you can follow the actions below:

  • Turn on Optimised Battery Charging. (SettingsBatteryBattery Health & ChargingOptimised Battery Charging.)
    Turn on Optimised Battery Charging
  • Turn on Low Power Mode.
  • Find and close battery-draining apps.
  • Restart your iPhone.
After updating to iOS 17.4, you can view battery cycle count, manufacture date from Battery Health in Settings, and first use on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

How to Fix iPhone Overheating Issues

The iPhone overheating issue is common to hear, especially the iPhone 15 overheating issues.

To fix this issue, Apple released 17.0.3, which addresses an issue that may cause iPhone overheating.

However, many users still reported iPhone overheating issues after updating to iOS 17.0.3.

Follow the tips below to avoid iPhone overheating issues:

  • Update to the latest iOS 17 version in time.
  • Take off your iPhone case.
  • Clear iPhone storage.
  • Disable Location Service.
  • Avoid extreme ambient temperature.

How to Fix iOS 17.5 Update Issues

The iOS 17.5 download problems and update issues are common to hear.

Many users encounter download problems like download failure, download stuck, download slow, and update issues - iOS 17.5 update stuck on the black screen, unable to install the update, iPhone update warning, etc. The reasons are mainly the network connection and not enough space.

Here is how to fix iOS 17.5 update issues:

  • Check if there is enough space to download the iOS 17.5 software. Go to iPhone SettingsGeneraliPhone Storage.
    Check iPhone Storage in Settings
  • Check your network connection.
  • Check Apple's Server.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Remove and install the update software again.

Another solution is to use a third-party iOS update tool. BuhoRepair can upgrade your iPhone safely and quickly. In addition, it can help you fix various iOS system issues with ease.

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Ensuring enough space for iOS 17.5 downloads is the key to a successful download. The latest iOS 17.5 update software is about 6.18 GB in size. If you are looking for effective ways to clear iPhone storage, here are 7 methods.

iOS 17.5 update
For macOS Sonoma, you may need an easy-to-use and powerful Mac cleaner - BuhoCleaner to help you free up Mac space in minutes.

How to Fix iOS 17.2 Unable to Set Journaling Schedule

If an error occurs and you can't set the Journal Schedule, follow the steps below to fix it:

  1. Go to SettingsNotifications.
  2. Turn off journal-related notifications
  3. Go to SettingsJournal>toggle on Schedule.
  4. Go to Notifications>turn on journal-related notifications.
Fix Unable to Set Journaling Schedule

How to Fix iOS 17 Widgets Bugs

The newest iOS 17 Weather widget issues are the iOS 17.1.1 Weather lock screen widget may not correctly display snow and the Weather widgets on the Lock screen not working.

To fix the iOS 17 weather widgets on lock screen issues:

Go to SettingsPrivacy & SecurityLocation Services>Scroll down to Weather> Select While Using the App or Widgets.

Other widget bugs, like widgets stuck, widgets quitting unexpectedly, widgets loading slowly, etc. are also common to hear.

To fix these bugs, you can delete the widgets and add them again. If this doesn't work, you may need to perform a restart. Or, wait for the new iOS 17 version.

How to Fix iOS 17.4.1 Not Showing Up in Settings

Many users complain that they cannot find iOS 17.4.1 updates in Settings. In fact, it is because your iPhone model is not compatible with iOS 17(for iOS 17.4.1 not showing up).

Or you haven't signed in to the Apple Developer Program(for iOS 17 Beta not showing up). To fix this issue, here's what you should do:

  • For iOS 17.4.1 not showing up

Step 1Check compatibility.

iOS 17 is compatible with these devices:

  • iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13/13 mini/13 Pro/13Pro Max
  • iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS/XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

Step 2Check internet connection.

  • For iOS Beta version not showing up
  1. Go to Apple Developer Program>click/tap Account>sign in with your Apple ID>follow the on-screen instructions to allow the agreement.

    Go back to SettingsGeneralSoftware UpdateBeta Updates. (If it still not showing up, refresh and wait for a while.)

  2. Or download and install the iOS 17 configuration profile.

    Go to Settings>tap Profile Download or find it in VPN & Device Management>tap Install.

  1. The Apple ID you sign in on your iPhone must be the same as the Apple ID you use to sign into the Apple Developer website.
  2. This process has a network connection requirement.
  3. Apple ID which is registered with a phone number may make you fail to sign into the Apple Developer website. In this case, register or use a new Apple ID with email.

How to Fix App Crashing on iOS 17

App crashing after updating to iOS 17 - iOS 17.4.1 can be caused by not enough space and incompatibility. If you ever encounter this problem, quit/force quit the app first. If this doesn't work, restart your iPhone.

After following the above actions, go and check if there are app updates available first. If there are, update them immediately. (If the crashed app is incompatible with the iOS 17 and doesn't have an update, you may need to find an alternative or uninstall it.)

Then, you'd better check whether your iPhone storage is free. If there is not enough space on your iPhone, just clear it.

How to Fix Keyboard Freezing on iOS 17

Some users reflect that when they use the keyboard in an app and switch to another app or Home, there may be an occurrence that the keyboard freezes.

To fix this iOS 17 issue, force quit the app first. If this doesn't work, restart your iPhone. In addition, check if the keyboard skin/theme you set is still available.

How to Fix Notifications Not Working on iOS 17

Notifications may not always work on iOS 17. If you ever find notifications not working, go to SettingsNotifications>tap the app you want to receive notifications> disable Allow Notifications and enable it again.

Notifications Settings

In addition, check if you enabled Time-Sensitive Notifications. This feature makes the notifications delivered immediately and remains on the Lock Screen for an hour.

After you perform the above action but still fail to fix it, just try to restart your iPhone.

How to Fix Face ID Not Working on iOS 17

Face ID not working is a common issue. Maybe in the photo you take for Face ID recognition, you were wearing a pair of glasses or having makeup. When you take off the glasses or don't have makeup, the Face ID may seem like not working.

In this case, it is recommended that you set more than one way to access your iPhone, like the screen passcode, set up an alternative appearance, set Face ID with a mask, etc.

How to Fix Wallpaper Disappearing on iOS 17

Wallpaper disappearing may be an occasional issue. And you can just restart your iPhone. If restarting doesn't work, delete the wallpaper and reset it again.

How to Fix iOS 17 Screen Time Bug

Many users report that there is no data about screen time. This may be a system bug.

Another case is that if you turn on the Screen Time feature just now, there may be no data and it will show 0m. Just use your iPhone for another day and see if the data is refreshed.

Screen Time Data

Related Article: 3 Ways to Limit Screen Time on iPhone [Full Guide].

How to Fix iPhone Pink Screen on iOS 17

Some users report that their screens turn pink after updating to iOS 17. If this happens to your iPhone when you are using an app, try to quit/force quit this app and reopen it.

If this happens to your iPhone when you are doing nothing or force-quit doesn't work, restart your iPhone to see whether it works.

In addition, you can also pick one professional iPhone repair software to help you fix this issue.

How to Fix Other Common iOS 17 Issues

As the iOS Beta version always carries bugs, keep an eye on the latest normal iOS version and update it as soon as it is released.

In addition, if you found iOS 17.4.1 hard to use, you can downgrade iOS.


The common iOS 17 issues - iOS 17.4.1 are listed in this post. And the ways to fix them are introduced in detail.

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