iPhone Battery Draining Fast after iOS 17.5.1 Update: 9 Easy Fixes

Clare Phang
Last updated: Mar 6, 2024
Summary: This post is about causes and fixes of iOS 17.5.1 battery draining fast. What's draining your iPhone battery will be explained first. And then comes the iPhone battery drains fast fixes.

iPhone battery is one of the top items that iPhone users care about most. Every day we use our iPhones to work, study, entertain, etc. It's impossible to get a charger everywhere and it's inconvenient to carry it everywhere. So everyone hopes the iPhone battery to be used as long as possible.

iPhone battery draining fast is a headache for iPhone users. Many users complain about the iOS 17.5.1 draining battery issue. It's necessary to learn some effective ways to fix this issue. Keep reading.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Why Does iPhone Battery Drain So Fast after iOS 17.5.1 Update?

Multiple factors can lead to iPhone battery draining fast. Check whether your iPhone has the common draining issues below:

  • High display brightness.
  • Extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Outdated apps.
  • Fully charge/discharge.
  • Battery-draining apps.
  • Keeping Location Service on all the time.
  • Poor battery health.
  • Battery-draining notifications.
  • iOS 17.5.1 bugs.

How to Check Battery Health and Usage

To manage your iPhone with healthy battery usage, it is recommended that you check battery health and usage regularly.

Here is how to check battery health: Open SettingsBatteryBattery Health & Charging. When your Maximum Capacity percentage is lower than 80%, your battery performance may not perform well.

By following open SettingsBattery, you can also view what drains your iPhone battery. The chart shows the proportion of battery used by each app. From this, you will get to know what drains the most battery during the last 24 hours and the last 10 days.

Check Battery Health and Usage

How to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast after iOS 17.5.1 Update

Now that you are clear about why your iPhone battery draining so fast and how to check battery health and usage, let's learn how to fix it next.

In total, this post will introduce 9 easy and effective methods as a reference. Just keep reading and learn more useful information.

1. Turn on Optimised Battery Charging

Actually, your iPhone battery performance will decrease with time since phone batteries are consumable components that become less effective as they age.

Although it's impossible to prevent it from aging, it's still useful to keep it at its maximum performance.

The Optimised Battery Charging feature is one of the most useful skills. It contributes a lot to reducing battery aging.

Here is how to turn on the Optimised Battery Charging feature:

  1. Open SettingsBatteryBattery Health & Charging.
  2. Turn on Optimised Battery Charging.
    Turn on Optimised Battery Charging

2. Follow Insights and Suggestions

The second method is to follow the "Insights and Suggestions" list. The Insight and Suggestions column may show High Brightness optimization. Click it and turn on the Automatic button. Scroll down and you will find the Raise to Wake option. Turning off it can also contribute a lot.

Battery Insights and Suggestions

And here is how to locate Insights and Suggestions: Open SettingsBattery.

3. Optimise iPhone Settings

Optimizing some iPhone settings like using Wi-Fi, turning on low power mode, reducing brightness, turning on Location Service, etc. can extend battery life.

  • a Wi-Fi connection consumes less power than a mobile network, so keep using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data whenever you can access it.

  • Low Power Mode reduces background activity like downloads and mail fetch until you can fully charge your iPhone, which saves your iPhone power the maximum.

Here is how to enable Low Power Mode:

  1. Open SettingsBattery.
  2. Turn on Low Power Mode.
    Turn on Low Power Mode
  • Location Service and Maps can be battery-draining. Turning off this feature can optimize your battery life. It's worth noting that if you directly turn off the Location Service button, it will be disabled for all apps.

So if you just want to turn off some apps' Location Service, just click the desired app and then choose Never under the Allow Location Access.

4. Update to the Latest Software

Update always brings you breakthroughs in features, performance, etc. Updating to the latest software makes your iPhone battery performance to be better. Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware UpdateDownload and Install.

If you fail to update, find more useful information about update stuck.

5. Avoid Extreme Ambient Temperatures

Extreme ambient temperatures can damage battery capacity. So it's important to keep your iPhone in the ideal comfort zone - 16℃-22℃ (62° to 72° F). Temperatures higher than 35℃ can permanently damage battery capacity.

In a cold environment, a decrease in battery life may be temporary. When the battery temperature returns to normal, its performance will back to normal well.

6. Don't Charge/Discharge Full

Both charge and discharge full are bad for battery life. In the case that you keep your iPhone discharged full, the battery could fall into a deep discharge state. And it takes time to recharge.

In the case that you keep your iPhone charged full, the battery may lose some capacity. Charging it to 50% is an ideal state. Or you can turn on Optimised Battery Charging, which enables your iPhone to delay charging past 80% in certain situations.

7. Remove Certain Cases During Charging

Keeping your iPhone charging with certain cases may generate heat, which may reduce the battery performance. So, it is recommended that each time you charge your iPhone, take off its cases.

8. Stop Using Battery-draining Apps

Some apps are extremely battery-draining. Following the way to check battery usage mentioned above, and then find out the battery-draining apps. Each time you find your iPhone battery draining fast, stop using them.

9. Stop Battery-draining Notifications

Notifications will wake up your screen every time you receive new messages. So it's necessary to disable battery-draining notifications. If you have turned on a number of notifications, following this will greatly save your battery power.

Here is how to stop battery-draining notifications:

  1. Open SettingsNotifications.
  2. Tap Show PreviewsNever.
    Turn off Battery Draining Notifications

Besides the 9 methods mentioned above, there are other ways to fix iPhone battery draining quickly.

For example, plugging in and powering on your computer to charge your device, turning off the Background App Refresh feature, turning off 5G, enabling reduce motion, turning off Bluetooth, contacting Apple Support to fix the hardware issue, fixing battery-draining fast using iPhone repair software, etc.

Final Words

In this post, 9 easy and effective methods to fix the iOS 17.5.1 draining battery issue are introduced in detail.

If there are some system issues in your iPhone after updating to iOS 17.5.1, you can have a try at BuhoRepair.

In addition, if you need fixes for Mac battery-related issues, here are some useful ones.

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