6 Best NTFS for Mac Software in 2023 [Free and Paid]

Last updated: Apr 18, 2023
Summary: You need to use a professional NTFS for Mac software program to write and copy files to an NTFS drive from your Mac. This post introduces the 6 best (free and paid) NTFS for Mac applications for your reference.

An NTFS for Mac software application is a tool to install an NTFS driver on your Mac to enable read & write support for the NTFS drive on your Mac.

NTFS is read-only on Mac. You need to use a Mac NTFS tool to write or copy files to the external NTFS hard drive from your Mac. Below we introduce 6 tools to you. Some of them are free to use.

NTFS for Mac software

1. NTFS Tool (Free)

NTFS Tool is an open-source free software program that provides NTFS read and write support for Mac computers. If you are searching for the best free NTFS for Mac software to copy or write to NTFS drives on your Mac, you can try this tool.

It features an intuitive interface and simple operation. You can also view the disk capacity and manually refresh the disk information.

To download and install this free NTFS for Mac tool, you can go to GitHub.

2. Paragon NTFS for Mac

Paragon NTFS for Mac is one of the most popular NTFS for Mac software programs in the market. It fully supports reading and writing NTFS-formatted drives on Mac computers.

After it mounts the NTFS drive in read and write mode on your Mac, you can easily view, edit, delete, rename, copy, and create files on the NTFS drive.

It offers fast read-write speed for NTFS drives on Mac. It fully supports macOS Ventura.

You can download and try this NTFS for Mac tool for free. Paid versions are also provided with additional features like disk management features.

3. Tuxera NTFS for Mac

Another tool to let you fully access and use NTFS drives on Mac is Tuxera NTFS for Mac. If you can’t copy or write files to NTFS drives from Mac, this tool helps you easily fix the issue.

you can download and install this tool on your Mac computer. With it, you can easily open, edit, copy, move, or delete files stored on NTFS drives.

You can download and use a free trial version of this NTFS for Mac software. Still, paid versions also come with additional features like disk management and disk repair tools.

4. iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is also a top NTFS for Mac software program that gives you full read-write access to Windows NTFS-formatted drives.

This software helps install an NTFS driver for Mac and mount the NTFS driver in read-write mode. Therefore, you can use the NTFS drive on your Mac computer without formatting. You can do everything on the NTFS drive, e.g., create, delete, edit, write files on the NTFS drive, copy files between Mac and NTFS drive, etc.

It supports all Mac versions and all NTFS versions.

5. EaseUS NTFS for Mac

To make the NTFS drive writable on your Mac computer, you can also try this Mac NTFS writer.

NTFS is a file system by the Windows operating system and Mac computers don’t support writing data to it. This application provides a solution to allow your Mac to read and write to NTFS-formatted drives. With this software installed on your Mac, you can transfer files between Mac and Windows computers without any compatibility issues.

This software is fast and reliable and supports the latest version of macOS. If you need to frequently use NTFS-formatted drives on your Mac, it is a useful tool to have.

EaseUS NTFS for Mac offers a free trial version that allows you to mount, read, and write to NTFS drives for up to 7 days. After the trial period expires, you need to purchase a license to continue using it.

6. macFUSE (Free)

To add the NTFS write support on Mac, you can also try macFUSE – a free and open-source Mac NTFS software application. You can get this free NTFS for Mac software downloaded for your Mac from GitHub.

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Bottom Line

This post mainly introduces the 6 best (free) NTFS for Mac software programs for your reference. If you need to use an NTFS drive on your Mac, you can select a preferred tool to easily mount the NTFS drive in read-write mode on your Mac.


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