[Full Guide] How to Use and Turn Off iOS 17 NameDrop

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Last updated: Dec 4, 2023

This guide will explain what iOS 17 NameDrop is and how to use, turn off, and fix it. Read on to learn more.

iOS 17 brings several new features for iPhone users. One of the most salient features is iOS 17 NameDrop.

In this post, you'll learn how to use iOS 17 NameDrop and how to turn off it. In addition, fixes for some possible iOS 17 NameDrop issues such as NameDrop not working/showing are prepared for you. Read on for the detailed introduction.

How to Use and Turn Off iOS 17 NameDrop

What Is NameDrop on iOS 17?

NameDrop is a new feature introduced by iOS 17. It makes sharing personal information like swap numbers easier and quicker with cool dynamic animation.

Both NameDrop between the iPhones, Apple Watches, Or iPhone and Watch are supported.

But it's worth noting that it works for new contact sharing rather than updating the existing contact information.

How to Use NameDrop on iOS 17

Want to have a try at this amazing new feature? Follow the step-by-step guide below to enjoy the 1-tap contact sharing:

  1. Make sure both of your iPhones are running iOS 17 and later before you perform the NameDrop exchange.
  2. To ensure a successful NameDrop, please make sure your screen is woken up. NameDrop can not work under the black screen.
  1. Make sure the Bringing Devices Together is toggled on: go to SettingsGeneralAirDropBring Devices Together. (The NameDrop is defaulted to ON with the iOS 17 update.)

    iOS 17 NameDrop Bring Devices Together
  2. Set up a Contact Card if you don't have one.

    Go to the Phone app>ContactsMy CardEditDone.

    Tap Contact Photo & Poster to create a Contact Photo and Poster if you want.

iOS 17 NameDrop Contact Poster
  1. Turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Hold your iPhone near someone else's iPhone. (top-to-top)
  3. Continue holding your iPhones until NameDrop appears on both screens.
  4. Choose your phone number or email address to share.
  5. Tap Receive Only/Share.
    iOS 17 NameDrop Contact Sharing

How to Turn Off iOS 17 NameDrop

Although iOS 17 NameDrop brings iPhone/Apple Watch users convenience for sharing contact info seamlessly, there was an iPhone NameDrop Warning posted by a Police Station recently arising controversies.

Some parents also feel worried about personal information leaks of their children although this feature will ask to share before it works.

Whether it is for privacy concerns or to avoid accidental shares, you can follow the steps below to turn off/disable NameDrop as you want:

Go to SettingsGeneralAirDrop>Toggle off the Bring Devices Together.

Turn Off NameDrop on iOS 17
To cancel the iOS 17 NameDrop, you can directly lock your iPhone screen, swipe up on your screen, or walk away to break the connection.

How to Fix iOS 17 NameDrop Not Working/Showing

Sometimes, you may find that NameDrop isn't showing up or working as it should. The reasons are mainly: software glitches, Bluetooth issues, or compatibility problems.

Don't worry! Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Check your Bluetooth. The NameDrop feature requires Bluetooth to function. Check whether the Bluetooth is enabled and whether there are Bluetooth issues.
  • Restart your iPhone/Apple Watch: A simple restart can often resolve minor software glitches that cause the problem.
  • Update your iOS: If you're running an older version of iOS 17, updating to the latest version may resolve the issue.
  • Make sure you have finished your Contact Card with the Contact Poster, phone number, email address, etc. to show your personal information. Or there would only be Receive Contact Information.
  • Check the NameDrop Settings: go to SettingsGeneralAirDropBring Devices Together.

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Hope this post covers everything you want to know about the iOS 17 NameDrop. Go and embrace this surprising feature now!

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