FAQs about BuhoCleaner

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Q: What is BuhoCleaner?

A: BuhoCleaner is a new and exciting Mac cleaning app that is made for boosting your Mac performance. Simple yet powerful, BuhoCleaner can keep your Mac hard drive storage in fit and always running blazingly fast.

Q: Does BuhoCleaner compatible with Apple M1-M3?

A: Yes, BuhoCleaner is Apple Silicon Ready. The app supports Apple M1-M3 natively, and it should work very well on any M1-M3 Macs.

Q: Do I need to pay for BuhoCleaner?

A: Yes, BuhoCleaner is a professional Mac cleaning software. You can download the trial version to use. If you want to use all the functions the software provides, you need to purchase it. And we hold a 30-Day hassle-free money-back guarantee for you.

Q: Why can't I activate BuhoCleaner?

A: After purchasing our BuhoCleaner, the activation code will be sent to you by email. If you can't activate BuhoCleaner with the activation code, please check here.

Q: How to use coupon of BuhoCleaner?

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Q: How can I uninstall BuhoCleaner from my Mac?

A: BuhoCleaner is a safe and clean desktop app for your Mac. You can uninstall it by opening Finder => Applications => drag BuhoCleaner folder to the Trash bin to remove it from your Mac.

Q: Why I can't find BuhoCleaner on App Store?

A: Due to App Store review restrictions, some functions in BuhoCleaner cannot be published on App Store (such as application uninstallation, etc.). But this doesn't mean BuhoCleaner is harmful or illegal. The App Store limits the privileges of applications to protect your Mac from malicious software, but this approach also imposes unnecessary restrictions on safe activities, like cleaning system logs or even updating applications. That’s exactly what happened to BuhoCleaner. Our BuhoCleaner is still in its fledgling stage, and we have a lot of new features scheduled in the upcoming updates. In the future, we will publish an App Store version.

Q: Why I need to install a Privileged Helper Tool?

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Q: How to upgrade to a premium user?

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