iPhone Apps Stuck on "Waiting"? Why & Fixes

Clare Phang
Last updated: May 15, 2024

Do your iPhone apps stay stuck on "Waiting"? This article explains the causes and solutions for this issue. All methods have been tested and verified for your reference.

iPhone apps are convenient and versatile, allowing you to perform many tasks. However, you might encounter a situation where apps get stuck on "Waiting" during installation or updates. What should you do in such cases? This article explains the reasons behind iPhone apps getting stuck on "Waiting" and provides solutions to fix the problem.

iPhone Apps Stuck on Waiting? Why & Fixes

What Does "Waiting" Mean for iPhone Apps?

"Waiting" indicates that an app is stuck during installation or updating. Specific scenarios include:

  • An app is stuck on "Waiting" while being installed from the App Store.
  • An app remains on "Waiting" during an update.
  • Apps stay on "Waiting" after transferring data to a new iPhone.
  • Apps don't progress past "Waiting" after using Quick Start to set up a new iPhone.
  • Multiple apps are stuck on "Waiting" due to automatic downloads on your iPhone.

If you encounter any of these situations, keep reading to find out how to resolve them.

Why Do My iPhone Apps Say "Waiting" and How to Fix It?

Unstable Network Connection

A stable network (Wi-Fi or cellular) is essential for installing or updating apps and transferring data during device setup. Large apps may not update over cellular data, and reaching your data limit can also cause apps to stay on "Waiting."


  • Ensure your iPhone is connected to the internet if an app is stuck on "Waiting" during installation or updating.
  • Try updating or installing the app using cellular data, but be aware of potential high data usage.
  • Reset your network settings if DNS cache issues cause network instability.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi or Airplane Mode on and off.

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Issues with Apple ID

Problems with Apple ID, such as family sharing, authentication issues, Apple ID lock, or using multiple Apple IDs to install apps, can cause apps to get stuck on "Waiting."


  • Sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in: Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Sign Out, then sign back in.
  • Turn off automatic app downloads in Settings > App Store.
  • Use a different Apple ID.
  • Check if you have any pending Apple ID verification emails.
  • Ensure that your Apple ID is correct and not locked.

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Issues with iOS or the App Store

Problems with iOS or the App Store, such as bugs or server congestion due to many users downloading/updating apps simultaneously, can also cause this issue.


  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Update your device to the latest iOS version.
  • Reset your iPhone.
  • Check Apple's System Status.
  • Use BuhoRepair to fix any iOS issues.

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Issues with the App Itself

Bugs or corruption within the app can prevent it from installing or updating properly.


  • Delete the app and reinstall it.

Insufficient Storage Space

Updating apps requires sufficient storage space on your iPhone. If your iPhone is low on storage, apps can't download or update, causing them to get stuck on "Waiting."

Check iPhone Storage


Clear your iPhone storage.

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The Bottom Line

If your iPhone apps are stuck on "Waiting," try the methods outlined above. If you're unable to resolve the issue yourself, give BuhoRepair a try for an easy fix.

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