Everything about BuhoCleaner: Features, Reviews, Licenses, Coupons, and More

Jerome Peng
Last updated: Jan 15, 2024

This post guide covers everything you want to know about BuhoCleaner, from what it is to what it can do for you, user ratings, how to get its license code and coupon code, and much more.

Your Mac is running out of storage space, so you search on Google for the best Mac cleaning tools to quickly free up space. A tool called BuhoCleaner catches your attention. As you continue your search on Google, you discover very little information about it. You may be wondering what this tool is and whether it's worth trying.

This article aims to address your doubts. We will provide you with comprehensive information about BuhoCleaner all at once.

Here's Everything You Want to Know about BuhoCleaner

What Is BuhoCleaner?

BuhoCleaner, developed by Dr.Buho Inc., is cleanup software designed to help Mac users clean up their Macs and keep them in good condition with just a few clicks.

Despite the numerous Mac cleanup programs available, none proves to be practical and cost-effective. That's what motivates Dr.Buho Inc. to develop BuhoCleaner.

BuhoCleaner Overview

What Are the Features of BuhoCleaner?

BuhoCleaner has all the useful features you need to clean and optimize your Mac. Here's what it currently offers:

  • Flash Clean: Clean up your Mac in a flash.
  • App Uninstall: Completely uninstall apps from your Mac, including stubborn ones.
  • Large Files: Quickly find and delete large and old files.
  • Duplicates: Automatically find and delete identical files and similar photos.
  • Startup Items: Efficiently manage login items and startup services.
  • Disk Space Analyzer: Visually analyze your disk space and quickly locate large files in every folder on your Mac.
  • Reindex Spotlight: Rebuild the Spotlight index.
  • Free Up RAM: Free up memory space with a single click.
  • Shredder: Securely delete private and important files.
  • Flush DNS Cache: Clear DNS caches to solve connection or website loading issues.
  • BuhoCleaner Menu: Monitor system status such as CPU, memory, fan, and network speed in real-time in the menu bar.

More features are on their way. Stay tuned!

BuhoCleaner: Free vs Paid

BuhoCleaner is available in both a free version and a paid version. There is no difference in features between them; the only distinction is in the number of results it scans that you can clear.

With the free version, you can only remove up to 3 GB of files for FREE. After reaching this limit, you can either clear the remaining results manually or purchase a license to unlock the limits and enjoy advanced technical support.

What Do Users Say about BuhoCleanner?

Although BuhoCleaner is not as powerful as CleanMyMac at the moment, it still receives a lot of positive feedback from loyal users. Here are some of the feedback points you can refer to:

BuhoCleaner Reviews from Stacksocial
BuhoCleaner Reviews from Macupdate
BuhoCleaner Reviews from Macupdate

Admittedly, some users may not favor BuhoCleaner as it may not meet all their needs. This is not a negative aspect for us; instead, it assists us in enhancing BuhoCleaner for the better.

How to Download and Use BuhoCleaner

Want to give BuhoCleaner a try? Simply click the download button below.

DownloadFor macOS 10.10 and above
100,000+ Satisfied Users Worldwide

Once you have downloaded it to your Mac, double-click the buholeaner.dmg file and drag its icon to the Applications folder.

Install BuhoCleaner on Your Mac

To learn how to use it, refer to the BuhoCleaner Guide.

How to Get BuhoCleaner License Code

In the early stage of BuhoCleaner, we released some free license codes. However, they are no longer available. If you wish to use BuhoCleaner without any limitations, you can visit our Buy page to buy a license code.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Buy Now button in the BuhoCleaner app or visit the Buy page from your browser.
  2. Select a plan that best suits your needs. (The family plan is recommended if you have more than one Mac.)
  3. Complete the checkout steps, and you will receive an email from Paddle, which includes your license code. If you don't receive your license code, see what to do next.
  4. Copy your license code from the email and paste it into the activation window of BuhoCleaner.
    Activate BuhoCleaner

See what to do if your license code doesn't work.

How to Get BuhoCleaner Coupon

People love coupons, and BuhoCleaner understands this. From time to time, you can find coupons and deals on www.drbuho.com.

This year's New Year Sale is now on. It's for a limited time only, so get yours now. Click here to save on your purchase.

Dr.Buho BuhoCleaner New Year Sale 2024

Got a BuhoCleaner coupon from another website? See how to use coupons when purchasing buhoCleaner.

Is BuhoCleaner Malware?

Absolutely NOT. BuhoCleaner is completely safe to use. The reason why some users have concerns is that BuhoCleaner is sometimes detected as a PUA by some antivirus utilities. These programs believe that applications attempting to delete system files should be treated as malware.

It's important to note that BuhoCleaner does not delete your crucial system files. It only removes unimportant ones with your permission. This is why some users may notice that BuhoCleaner asks them to install a Helper tool to help delete files that require root access.

If you find that BuhoCleaner fails to start due to a security program, there is nothing to worry about. This is because our application was falsely reported as a potential risk.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Download and reinstall BuhoCleaner.
  2. Quit your antivirus program and try again.
  3. Contact us at support(@)drbuho.com and we will do our best to get our application certified.
Before each release of BuhoCleaner, we test it on VirusTotal to ensure that it functions correctly.

Other Questions about BuhoCleaner

  1. Is BuhoCleaner Available on the App Store?

    No. Due to App Store review restrictions, BuhoCleaner is only available on the website. The App Store restricts app permissions to protect your Mac from malware, but this practice can also unnecessarily limit security activities such as cleaning system logs or updating apps.

  2. Does BuhoCleaner Work on Windows and iPhone?

    BuhoCleaner is only compatible with macOS 10.10 and higher. Currently, we have no plans to extend compatibility to Windows and iPhone.

  3. Is BuhoCleaner Worth a Try?

    Yes. BuhoCleaner is worth trying. It is your best choice in terms of ease of use, features, and price. If you haven't used it yet, give it a try for yourself.

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