iPhone Overheating after iOS 17.4.1 Update: 8 Quick Fixes

Clare Weaver
Last updated: Feb 15, 2024

This post discusses why your iPhone is overheating after the iOS 17.4.1 update and provides solutions. Keep reading!

iPhone overheating is a common issue for iPhone users, but don't worry! This post will first explain why your iPhone is getting hot and then provide quick fixes for it.

iPhone Overheating after iOS 17.4.1 Update: 8 Quick Fixes

Why Is My iPhone Getting Hot after the iOS 17.4.1 Update?

After the iOS 17 update, it is not uncommon for iPhones to overheat. Although Apple addressed the iPhone overheating problem in the previous iOS 17.0.3, the recent iOS 17.4.1 still exhibits overheating issues.

The possible reasons for an overheating iPhone are primarily the following:

  • Heavy usage.
  • Extreme ambient temperature.
  • Battery issues.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Faulty components.
  • iOS update bugs.
  • Graphic-intensive applications/games.
  • Non-Apple charger.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Your iPhone is restoring from iCloud backup.
  • You are setting up your iPhone for the first time.

How to Fix iPhone Overheating

Now that you have a general understanding of what causes your iPhone to overheat, let's explore corresponding methods for these potential issues.

In total, you'll find eight useful solutions below. Read on for more details.

Turn off/Restart your iPhone

The simplest and quickest solution to stop your iPhone from getting hot is to turn off or restart your iPhone.

A restart can delete unnecessary caches as well as close some energy-consuming processes.

Remove Your iPhone Case

iPhone is easily getting hot when charging. The iPhone case may get in the way of your iPhone to dissipate heat.

Take off your iPhone case and wait for a while to see whether your iPhone cools down a lot. If your iPhone still gets hot after taking off the case, then do not charge it at this time.

Update Your iPhone

Bugs in iOS can also cause your iPhone to overheat. Always keep an eye on new updates, as they may resolve some of the existing iOS issues.

Close Unused Apps

As we mentioned in the reasons list, heavy usage of your iPhone may lead to iPhone overheating.

Avoid running too many unused apps at the same time and limit process-intensive tasks. Swipe up from the bottom to close unused apps on your iPhone.

Turning off the Background App Refresh feature is also helpful. Go to SettingsGeneralBackground App Refresh.
Turn on Background App Refresh

Avoid Extreme Ambient Temperature

The ambient temperature that Apple recommends you use your iPhone is between 0℃ to 35 ℃(32 to 95℉).

Using your iPhone under high temperatures can permanently damage your iPhone and shorten the battery life of your iPhone.

The cold environment also has an impact on your iPhone and may cause your iPhone to turn off. But it's just temporary. Once the temperature goes back to normal, your iPhone will be back to normal too.

If the temperature warning message appears, it means that you can't use your iPhone before it cools down. You may have to turn off your iPhone and move it to a cool place.

Turn on Low Power Mode

Using Low Power Mode on your iPhone will keep it running only with the basic programs and settings, thus being power-saving and energy-saving.

Here is how to turn on the Low Power Mode:

Go to SettingsBatteryLow Power Mode.

Turn on Low Power Mode

Clear iPhone Storage

"iPhone storage full" may slow down your iPhone as well as cause it to overheat or freeze.

Follow the 7 helpful tips to clear your iPhone storage:

Disable Location Service

Prolonged use of GPS, weather, and similar applications may increase the risk of your iPhone overheating, as they constantly request location services, leading to energy consumption and battery drainage.

Disable the location service once you have finished using these apps.

Besides what was mentioned above, here are some easy attempts that may work to avoid or stop iPhone overheating, for example, turning on the Airplane mode, using the original Apple charger, updating apps, avoiding wireless charging, replacing the battery, etc.

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Are you clear about the reasons why your iPhone getting hot and how to stop your iPhone from overheating?

Take these measures and practice them on your iPhone now!

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