Find and Delete Duplicate Files With BuhoCleaner

By Alicia Hart, on February 11, 2021

When a Mac has been used for a long time, many duplicate files may appear on the Mac. These duplicate files will take up additional disk space and cause inconvenience in daily use. You can manually remove these duplicate files, but if there are many these kind of files, manually deleting will waste a lot of time.

Why are there duplicate files on my Mac?

In most cases these will be:

  • Mistaken downloads.
  • Mail and Messages attachments.
  • Duplicate files generated by other apps.

How to find duplicate files on Mac

There are many ways to find and clean up duplicate files, but most commonly:

  • Manually searching for duplicates with Finder.
  • Using a dedicated app: BuhoCleaner.

Find duplicates manually

You can use the "Smart Folder" function that the Finder provides to scan for duplicate files, but you have to select and delete these files manually. For more info about "Smart Folder", visit this page.

If you are not willing to spend a lot of time on this, you can use a more fast and reliable tool BuhoCleaner.

Using BuhoCleaner to clean up duplicate files

Follow the steps below to scan and clean up duplicate files with BuhoCleaner:

  1. Open BuhoCleaner and jump to Duplicates:Mac storageIf you turn on this feature for the first time, You would better customize the preferences or use the default preferences. If you want to change preferences later, you can find it here:Mac storageMac storage
  2. Start scan and wait shortly to get the results.Mac storage manger
  3. You can move your mouse on the path of files and double click to open the file in Finder.Mac storage mangerYou can click the Select Duplicates to select duplicates collectively.Mac storage mangerOr you can click the right of a single file to select one by one.Mac storage mangerAnd you can click the Sort by Size to sort files by the way you like.Mac storage mangerBesides, you can click the funnel icon to show or hide the files which you choose.Mac storage manger
  4. You can move your mouse on the path of files and double click to open the file in Finder.Mac storage mangerOr you can click the magnifier icon to open in Finder.Mac storage manger
  5. Finally, click the "Remove" button to start the deletion progress.

Free download BuhoCleaner on our website to quickly clean up your hard drive.