BuhoCleaner Overview

BuhoCleaner is the simple, fast Mac Cleaner app that you’ll love to use on a daily basis. With BuhoCleaner, you can easily clean up macOS system junk files, reclaim gigabytes of free storage, uninstall bloated apps, scan and remove Large/Duplicate files, and do an array of amazing macOS optimization things in Toolkit.

BuhoCleaner Dashboard

BuhoCleaner is powerful yet easy to use. When you open BuhoCleaner, you’ll see a list of main features in its dashboard, like Flash Clean, App Uninstall, Large Files, Duplicates, Startup Items, Toolkit etc. You can easily navigate Mac cleaning and optimizing functions from one to another from BuhoCleaner dashboard.


Flash Clean

Flash Clean is the first and the most essential macOS cleaning feature we present to you in BuhoCleaner. You can easily clean up macOS system junk, application junk, and browser junk in just a few clicks.
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App Uninstall

When using the regular way to uninstall applications from Mac, you may have a large amount of app leftover junk occupying your Mac storage. The App Uninstall feature in BuhoCleaner helps uninstall app on Mac and get rid of all app associated cache, cookies, preference, and other orphaned junk files thoroughly.
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Large Files

Don't let the large or the old files that you never use to waste your Mac storage. You can use the Large Files feature to sort Audio, Video, Image, Documents, Archives, and all files that take too much hard disk space.
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Have a long time that you forget to clear away duplicates and clutters in Documents, Desktop, Photo Library and other commonly used file folders? Duplicates offers blazing fast solution to scan your selected file folder, find and delete all identical files that don't need to exist.
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Startup Items

Login or Startup items are apps that open automatically when you start up or log in to your Mac. Startup Items offers a smart macOS optimization solution by showing all login items and startup services.
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Having trouble with your Mac? BuhoCleaner can do a set of regular minimization and diagnostic checkups for your Mac with its Toolkit feature. Securely shred unwanted files, free up RAM, reindex Spotlight, flush DNS cache, and many new macOS maintenance features are just coming next.


BuhoCleaner Menu

BuhoCleaner menu makes it easy to monitor your Mac performance in real time. You can see your Mac CPU load, temperature, fan speed, RAM usage, network speed and storage status right from your Mac menu bar.
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If you want to customize BuhoCleaner settings to let it fit your need better, use Preferences panel to change how you want BuhoCleaner to detect updates, what items you want to include/exclude in Flash Clean, and more app settings in BuhoCleaner. Also see how to update BuhoCleaner to enjoy more stunning features.