3 Ways to Completely Uninstall Fortnite on Mac

Clare Phang
Last updated: Apr 10, 2024
Summary: In this blog post, you will learn 3 ways to uninstall Fortnite on your Mac completely.

Although Fortnite is a popular game, users may still want to remove it from their Macs for various reasons, such as freeing up disk space, fixing errors within the game, or simply because they no longer wish to play it.

Whatever your reason, check out this guide to learn 3 ways to uninstall Fortnite from your Mac completely.

3 Ways to Completely Uninstall Fortnite on Mac

How to Uninstall Fortnite on Mac Using Epic Games Launcher

The easiest way to remove Fortnite is to use Epic Games Launcher, which allows you to download, install, play, and uninstall games. Whether you want to remove Fortnite from your PC or Mac, you can quickly delete it with the Epic Games Launcher.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Quit Fortnite.
  2. Open the Epic Games Launcher and log in to your account.
  3. Click the Library option, and you will find all the games you downloaded.
    Go to the Games Library
  4. Click the three-dot menu on Fortnite and select Uninstall.
    Uninstall Fortnite with Epic Games Launcher

These steps only remove some of the Fortnite files, not all. For complete removal, move on to the next method.

How to Uninstall Fortnite and Other Epic Games on Mac Using BuhoCleaner

This method will utilize BuhoCleaner, a Mac app uninstaller trusted by 100,000 users. With just a couple of clicks, BuhoCleaner can completely remove Fortnite and any other unwanted apps or games from your Mac.

DownloadFor macOS 10.10 and above
100,000+ Satisfied Users Worldwide

Here's how to uninstall Fortnite on Mac with BuhoCleaner:

  1. Download, install, and launch BuhoCleaner.
  2. Click on App Uninstall to list all installed apps on your Mac.
  3. Find Fortnite, select it, and click the Remove button.
    Uninstall Fortnite on Mac with BuhoCleaner
  4. If you want to find and delete leftover files from uninstalled apps, switch to Leftovers, check the files you want to delete, and then click the Remove button.
BuhoCleaner goes beyond being just an app uninstaller. It offers additional cleaning features to explore, such as Flash Clean, Large Files, Duplicates, Disk Space Analysis, and more. Feel free to check it out yourself.

How to Manually Remove Fortnite from Mac Using Finder

In addition to the above two methods, you can also manually uninstall Fortnite from your Mac using Finder.

Here's how:

  1. Quit Fortnite if it's running.
  2. Open Finder > Applications.
  3. Locate Fortnite and move its icon to the Trash.
    Delete Fortnite in Finder
  4. On a Finder window, press Shift + Command + G to open the Go to Folder window.
  5. Copy and paste the following paths one at a time, and then press Return to search for files related to Fortnite.
    • /Users/Shared/Epic Games/Fortnite
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Epic/FortniteGame
    • ~/Library/Logs/FortniteGame
    • ~/Library/Preferences/FortniteGame
    • ~/ Library/Caches/com.epicgames.com.chairentertainment.Fortnite
      Find and Delete Fortnite Associated Files on Mac
  6. Move the ones you don't need to the Trash.
  7. Empty your Trash.


Uninstalling Fortnite from your Mac can be done automatically or manually. Whichever method you choose, follow this guide carefully to ensure complete removal.

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