2 Ways to Completely Uninstall Oprea on Mac

Jerome Peng
Last updated: Jan 10, 2023

Summary: In this blog, we will tell you how to completely uninstall Opera from Mac in 2 ways.

Opera is one of the popular cross-platform browsers. But nowadays, it's not as good as it used to be, and that's why more and more people are looking for ways to get rid of it from their Mac.

If you are one of them, read on to learn how to completely uninstall it from your Mac manually and automatically.

2 Ways to Completely Delete Opera Browser from Mac

What Is Opera?

Opera is a browser developed by the Opera Software Norwegian company. Due to its speed, small size, and more built-in tools than other browsers, Opera has gained a large number of users worldwide. However, in recent years, users are leaving Opera because Chrome and Safari perform much better than Opera.

If you've decided to switch to another browser, read on to learn how to completely uninstall Opera from your Mac.

How to Manually Uninstall Opera on Mac

As you probably know, you can uninstall an app from your Mac by dragging it to the Trash. But this will leave traces on your Mac. If you're new to Mac, follow the steps below to completely remove Opera from your Mac.

  1. Quit Opera. Click Finder > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor to stop all the processes of Opera.

  2. Open Finder > Applications, find the Opera icon, and drag it to your Trash.

    How to Manually Uninstall Opera on Mac
  3. Click the Go menu in Finder, then select Go to Folder.

  4. Paste the following path into the search box, one at a time, and press Return on your keyboard.

    • ~/Library/Caches
    • ~/Library/Cookies
    • ~/Library/Application Support
    • ~/Library/Containers
    • ~/Library/Preferences
    How to Remove Opera Related Files on Mac
  5. Locate the Opera-related files and drag them to the Trash.

  6. Empty your Trash.

How to Quickly Uninstall Opera on Mac

It's easy to drag and drop Opera to the trash, but not so easy to clear all related files. If you have BuhoCleaner in hand, you will save a lot of time and energy.

BuhoCleaner is one of the best app uninstallers for Mac. It allows you to remove Opera without leaving any traces. In addition, its Leftovers function can help you clear the residual files of uninstalled apps with one click.

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Here's how to uninstall Opera on Mac with BuhoCleaner:

  1. Download, install, and launch BuhoCleaner.
  2. Click on App Uninstaller, then you will see all the apps installed on your Mac.
  3. Search for Opera, check the results found, and click the Remove button to uninstall.
How to Quickly Uninstall Opera on Mac

Final Words

Now that you know how to completely uninstall Opera from your Mac, go choose a method you like to get rid of it.

By the way, BuhoCleaner is beyond a Mac app uninstaller. It can do a lot more like clear cache and log files, find and delete duplicate files, analyze disk space, free up RAM, and more. It's worth a try.

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