[Step By Step] How to Uninstall Outlook on Mac - 3 Ways

Clare Phang
Last updated: May 10, 2024
Summary: This post will teach you how to uninstall Outlook on Mac in 3 different ways.

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager (personal email and calendar).

It's convenient and easy to use. However, it may not work correctly so you want to uninstall and reinstall it. Or it's just that you no longer need it.

In this post, you'll learn how to completely uninstall Outlook on Mac more easily and quickly.

Uninstall outlook on mac

How to Remove Outlook from Mac via Launchpad

The easiest and quickest way to delete Outlook from Mac is to use Launchpad.

Here is how:

  1. Right-click the Outlook icon at the Dock.
  2. Click Quit.
  3. Click the Launchpad icon at the Dock to open it.
  4. Click and hold the Outlook until it starts shaking.
  5. Click XDelete.
Delete Outlook from Mac Launchpad
  1. Many users find that they can't uninstall Outlook on Mac, this is because it's open.
  2. To quit Outlook, you can right-click its icon and click Quit. Or you can: open Activity Monitor via Spotlight>enter Microsoft Outlook in the search box>select process related to Outlook (press and hold Command to select multiple files) >click the X button.
End Outlook Related Process

How to Uninstall Outlook on Mac Completely via BuhoCleaner (Quickest)

As completely uninstall will remove all Outlook data. Make sure you have backed up all important data first. Open OutlookFile MenuExportExport to a File.

The fastest yet most convenient way to completely uninstall Outlook is to use a professional app uninstaller.

BuhoCleaner is a powerful Mac cleaner that lets you delete the Outlook app and its leftovers in minutes.

Here is how to completely uninstall Outlook on Mac via BuhoCleaner:

DownloadFor macOS 10.10 and above
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  1. Free download, install, and launch BuhoCleaner.
  2. Click App Uninstall on the left sidebar.
  3. Find and check the Outlook app and all its related files.
  4. Click Remove.
Completely Uninstall Outlook on Mac BuhoCleaner

In addition, it also offers you features like junk file cleaning, duplicate file cleaning, Mac performance monitoring, etc.

How to Uninstall Outlook on Mac Manually via Finder

Using Finder to delete the Outlook app is easy to follow. However, to completely uninstall Outlook on Mac, you must follow some extra steps. It may be time-consuming and effort-costing.

Here is how to completely uninstall Outlook on Mac via Finder:

  1. Right-click the Outlook icon at the dock and click Quit.
  2. Open Finder>click Applications>find and right-click Microsoft OutlookMove to Trash.
  3. Press Command + Shift + G and then enter ~/Library. (Ensure the Finder is open.)
    Go to Folder
  4. Find and click Container>find and move the following files to the Trash.
  • Microsoft Error Reporting
  • Microsoft Outlook
Delete Outlook Related File Finder
  1. Back to Library, find and click Group Containers>find and move the following files to the Trash.
  • UBF8T346G9.ms
  • UBF8T346G9.Office
  • UBF8T346G9.OfficeOsfWebHost
Delete Outlook Related Files
  1. Empty your Trash.

Besides the three methods mentioned above, there is another way to completely uninstall Outlook on Mac - via Terminal.

But it's a little dangerous. If you are familiar with Terminal, you can search for more detailed information and have a try.

If you want to reinstall Outlook after uninstalling it, you can go to the App Store or download its installation package from its official website.


In this post, you've learned 3 ways to uninstall Outlook.

Go ahead and practice them out now!

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